Magic, Music and Dance. What Could Be Better?

If you haven’t been to the McCord Museum this summer it’s worth going to. Not your usual museum exhibition. It’s called ILLUSIONS – The Art of Magic and Luc Langevin is the ambassador of the exhibit. It’s the Allan Slaight collection, which was acquired by the McCord with the help of the Emmanuelle Gattuso Foundation.  A tip of the Top Hat to the people who designed it.. Phil and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

We were invited by magician Dr. Joe Culpepper, magician, scholar, consultant and friend and customer of Perfect Magic. Before the guided tour, we were treated to a magic show, in a lovely little theatre there, given by the young students, who attended the McCord Museum Camp, Abracadabra, who were guided and taught by Joe and the counsellors. The kids did a great job and they all knew how to take a bow when the applause came.

So what’s the link between magic and music? After the show, and after the exhibit we were headed to the Metro but when we stepped out the side door of the museum, which Joe said was closer to the Metro, lo and behold, there was a beautiful red street piano on a beautifully decorated street.

Joe and his lovely fiancée, Jessamine, and I as well as some passerbys were treated to a spontaneous concert by Phil. Phil plays the kind of music that makes you want to dance and that’s just what Joe and  Jessamine did. We had a delightful afternoon of magic, music and dance! Here’s a sampling.


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8 responses to “Magic, Music and Dance. What Could Be Better?

  1. Jack Poulter

    A great combination of music and dance!


    • Well, this videoclip and Evy’s storey certainly combine to prove one thing beyond a shadow of a doubt, Phil… you’ve still got that “magic touch” at the keyboard and can certainly tickle those ivories (and the hearts of your listeners) when given the opportunity to do so. Keep up your wonderful musical talents! 🙂


  2. Joan

    So much fun to watch. Loved the music and the dance.


  3. Caiden and I *loved* Phil’s playing! (and Chatanooga Choo Choo is the song I used to sing to him when he was was little) Great dancing, too!


  4. Maureen Culpepper

    Thanks so much for the lovely narrative and for filming these magical moments of music and dance. Wonderful! Maureen Culpepper


  5. Toni Raney

    My favorite kind of music and dance! Looking great you two!! The combination of magic , drama and music is an outstanding way to get children involved!

    Toni Raney, friend of your Mom & Dad


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