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‘Tis The Season, That Magic Season

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to write. Did anyone miss me? We’ve been so busy getting the Black Friday sale  (BF in the Browse Categories on our Home Page ) together that I even worked nights, at home, which I never do4757. I’m not what you’d call “Computer Savvy” so it’s not that there was so much to do, it’s that I didn’t check to see if I pressed the keys I’m supposed to press and when I thought I had everything done and down pat, I lost it all. I had to do it again. Hundreds of items. BUT… I learned something. I now pay very close attention before I close anything. We live and learn.

The Black Friday Sale is a big one. A 45 to 60% discount is a great reason and time to refresh your repertoire. I’m adding a 4th category now with Chrismas items along with other things.  The sale ends December 3rd, at 11:00am. Don’t wait for the last minute as a lot of the items will probably be sold out.

I wanted to do it right and in French as well as in English so I googled Black Friday, I looked up Black Friday clip art in French. Nothing! I have a neighbour in the building who is from Paris. I went over to her and said,

“Do you have Black Friday in France?”

She said “Yes.”

I said “And what do you call it in France?”

And she said “Black Friday.”

I said, “No, what is the french word for Black Friday?”

She said, “We call it Black Friday. That’s it!”

And here I spent so much time looking for French ads. As I said, you live and learn.

In any case, take advantage of the great prices. We look forward to hearing from you.





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