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Knock’em Out Magic

Many years ago, at least 15, maybe more, Romaine and Joan were visiting and so were a brother and sister-in-law of mine and another couple who were friends of my brother and his wife. We were sitting around the dining room table having coffee and cake and someone asked if Romaine would do some magic. He did some card tricks and maybe sponge balls and then he got to the coins. He did coins through the table. My sister-in-law’s friend, who is a very intelligent and sophisticated lady could not believe her eyes. She kept on asking him to do it again and again and practically sat on top of him.

My sister-in-law, at one point said, “For Pete’s sake, it just a magic trick, Enjoy it.” (Her son, my nephew, was into magic at one time so she took it in her stride) But her friend would have none of it. Its impossible she said. At one time she actually went under the table to watch. Romaine said to her, “You know, you’re my first adult to crawl under the table.”

Finally Romaine said to her, as she was really perplexed and could not understand how she, such an educated person could not figure this out, “Listen, I know the table is upsetting you, so let’s forget about the table.” He stood up and and she stood right in front of him and he said, “Look, there are 4 coins in one hand and nothing in the other.” He closed his hands and said “Now watch, a little shake of the hands”, which were nowhere near each other, ” and a magic word, and …voila”  He opened his hands and only three coins were in one hand and one was now in the other. She was flabbergasted. Actually, so was I.  We all enjoyed it, and also enjoyed her utter disbelief in the fact that it could happen two inches from her nose and she couldn’t figure it out. I don’t think she enjoyed it at all.

A few years later we were in the now defunct Brown Derby in the Van Horne Shopping Center with Romaine and Joan and as we walked to our table, who did we pass? My sister-in-law’s friend and her husband sitting at a table and having a bite. They saw us and got all excited and Romaine said to her, “It’s so nice to see you again. Have you been under any tables lately?” We all had a great laugh.

I find myself smiling as I write this.


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Illusion or Disillusion, That is the Question!

We had a hectic last week as  we had the pleasure of having our two younger  grandchildren in our charge as their parents were called out of town on business. The girl is 4 and the boy is 6. I say hectic because everything is sort of done under pressure. They are both good kids, but kids nonetheless. One is in kindergarden and the other in day care – till we pick them up after work which is five o’clock. We dash out of the shop  at 5 and rush to pick up the boy and then the girl, bring them home, get them changed into their soccer outfits and grab some snacks and rush to the park as his practice is from 6:00 to 7 :00 and hers is from 7-8 and then they want to play in the park after that but meany grandma says they have to go right home as they didn’t have supper yet. We go home, I make supper, we eat, Phil cleans up, I give her a bath and then pour a bath for the boy, who usually takes a shower himself, but decides he’d like a bath instead. At some point I do a laundry as that night was only the practice but they need their outfits for the next night which is game night for him, and Thursday is game night for her. Did I mention that during practice it poured the whole time, but the practice went on just the same. The kids were real troopers, but I was freezing and really wanted to be in the comfort of my home. This is the general pace of the few days.

So now at 10:00 o’clock they are both  fed, bathed, teeth brushed and he reads me a French book he has to read  every night. I don’t think I could read English at that time in my life but he is reading English and French. Then he needs a story and she needs a story.  Fine. They fall asleep by 10:30pm. I make the boy’s lunch for the next day and ours as well.

Phil and I normally have our breakfast, read the Gazzette and leave for the office near 10:00am as we live close by and it takes us 10 minutes. But the boy’s late bell rings at school at 8:10am.

Now is the challenging part. I get up at 6:30am when I’m usually just turning over, and I have to get them both up and dressed and they are in such a deep sleep that I don’t think they moved the whole night. They are extremely clever children, but somehow neither of them know the meaning of the words “rush” or “hurry”.  That seems to have been left out of their otherwise extensive vocabulary. So Phil had the job of waking them.  Division of labour here. Let me just say getting out of the house by 8:00am was no mean feat. We did not open the Gazette. We did not have coffee. We did not make the beds.

What does all this have to do with magic?

In the midst of this whirlwind affair, my lovely 6 year old grandson said to me, “Bubby, can I tell you something?” “Of course.”  “It’s secret” and he’s talking softly. “Sure.”  I should tell you he has been doing magic tricks since he was two.

“You know the magic we do?” he says.


“It’s not real magic.”

“Well, we know that. They are tricks. We do it for fun.”

“Yes, Bubby, I know, but I saw a magician that did real magic.”

“There is no such thing. No one can do real magic.” says the meany grandma.

” I saw it. He had 3 ropes, one little, one medium size and a long one…..”

“It’s a trick.”

” Bubby, I saw it.”

I smiled. Oh, how I hated doing this.

“Can you do it?” he asked.

Now I just happened to have a Professor’s Nightmare at home. A good set with Guy Camirand’s Elite Rope. I did the routine and watched that face light up and he laughed and I could feel the joy in his reaction.

“Your mommy could do that when she was 6.”  I said.

“Then I could do it too.” he said beaming. “Would you teach it to me?”

“Only if you promise not to tell anyone.”

“Well”, he said and I know he keeps his magic a secret, “there is one boy in my class who is also a magician and we share secrets. Could I tell him?”

“I don’t know about that. This is a special trick.”

Anyhow, we reached some sort of agreement and I said I would bring him home a smaller set which he could handle as this one was for stage and was much too big for those 6 year old hands.The next morning on the way to school he said, “Bubby, don’t forget the ropes!”

They are in my purse as I write.


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Who’s Who in Magic!

I clicked onto Canada’s Magic the other morning and saw the subject matter was “The top 100 notable Montrealers”. It didn’t say “The top 100 notable Montrealers in magic”, so my first thought was “What does this have to do with magic..Later in the article it says, like some mind readers might do,  that the reader must be wondering why they bring that up. What does that have to do with magic?

Then I thought there must be a magician in the list. The most popular magician I could think of in Montreal today is Luc Langevin. Almost everyone who walks into the shop asks for a trick they saw Luc Langevin do on TV. But as popular as he is, would it be possible for him to be among the 100 top notables?

And then I read on. This was an article from the Gazette that Canada Magic was referring to and it was from the year 1999. That was 13 years ago. Luc must have been about 16 years old. He was doing magic then, but he was not a household name yet. So who was it. You guessed right. It was “Magic Tom” Auburn. Tom died on January 3, 199o. Nine years after his death he makes the list.  That’s impressive.

Here’s a photo of Magic Tom few have seen. Do you know who the others are? Does it bring back a memory or two?

Can YOU name all three?


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There Is Something New Under The Sun. And its Magic!

As usual, Phil and I  are working vigorously to shape up our site. We are currently working on a  Newsletter, which really won’t give you any news, but that’s what it’s called. Our first trial newsletter is out and we’d like to know  what you think of it.

The idea was instead of having a  Trick of the Day on Face book, we would list a bunch of items in the Newsletter and give you a week to think about them. Then I figured if you were interested in a particular item, you might also be interested in things related to them. That is another project I am working on simultaneously,  putting the related items under the item you  click on,  which is no mean task.

So we chose 6 items as a trial and had it set up  in the “newsletter” and I clicked on them to see if I had already done the related stuff, which I hadn’t as they are pretty new. I went searching for related items and I could find some for all of them which I inserted. The only one which I could find nothing for was Dean’s Beads. I could not find another effect which is anything like it. I watched it and it is a complete puzzlement. We have sold a few so far, but I had no idea what it was until I started on the Newsletter and decided to watch it. The feed back from our customers had been good and now I know why. I still don’t know how its done, and I don’t want to know.  But I do want to share… Tell me what you think!

By the way, the above plan is not written in stone. We put it as a trial on the internet on Monday. Let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions we should consider.


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