Three Generations of Magicians

I always marvelled at the power of magic to erase or eliminate the differences between people; race, colour, religion, language, age, financial situation, social class, it all vanishes when the subject of magic comes up, even magic ability doesn’t seem to matter, as long as you are involved in magic. That’s the common denominator. Nothing else seems to count!

Last week, Joseph Culpepper, who I am sure some if not many of you know or heard of. He is a visiting Scholar at the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada. He is a teacher of magic history and adaptation at Montreal’s National Circus School.

While he was here and as we chatted a young magician, 10 years old, came in with his father. I say a young magician, as he is not only someone who comes in to get a new trick now and then, but because he has such a keen interest in the subject and has a burning desire to learn magic. He has taken books from the library and has modified tricks to make them more interesting.Culpepper - Caeden - Matlin

It did not take long before this young boy along with Joseph and Phil were deep into it, discussing books, techniques, problem situations, and  how best to handle them, magic camp, circus school and what not. Joseph was wearing his hat and did some marvellous stunts with it, which delighted us all. I’m sure it was well over an hour that this went on, even past closing time. This kid wasn’t just listening. He took an active part in the conversation and everything was enjoyed by all. We all took photos, exchanged email addresses and I’m sure it had a great impact on the young man.

You don’t get that on line!

P.S. You may have seen the post from Joseph Culpepper on our facebook page. I wrote this before getting his blog. We had a laugh over it at the Magic Bash in Toronto on Saturday. We saw many old friends there and made new ones and saw some good magic. Congratulations to Jeff Pinsky, John Talbot and Lee Asher.