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Have They Withstood the Test Of Time?

The theme of our blog is Perfect Magic Then and Now. Sometimes I write about the happenings at Magie Montreal, our 2 day magic convention that we at Perfect Magic  and Wim & Maryse Vermeys ran for 19 years. I reminisce about the performers, the people, the incidents, etc and also different experiences  and the different magic we’ve had through the years.

Maybe its now time to go through the magic you bought then and look at it with fresh eyes and have fresh eyes look at it now.

Frank Garcia’s Wild Card is still a classic and has definately withstood the test of time. Not expensive, and not difficult, as tricks go. Now there are so many variations of it on DVD’s and Paul Romhany came out with one for children. We even have DOWNLOADS of Wildcard DVD’s. The latest DVD  to come into the shop is the Ultimate Wild Card by JP Vallarino, who performed at Magie Montreal many years ago. I don’t think he had a beard or moustache then.

By the way, if you are a subscriber to our Newsletter  you already know that  it just so happens that Ultimate Wild Card is on special until the 30th of September, at which point, another batch of specials will be posted. So If you are not a subscriber, you are missing out. Join up now so you’ll know what’s on sale.

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How Do You Choose A New Magic Trick

I don’t know how you choose what you are going to buy, but I know how I choose.  Our customers used to listen to us, and trust us, in that we knew their level of competence and under what conditions they usually perform, etc. That was before the internet. Yes there once was a time without the internet or computers and we were in business then. Read my first blog to find out how things were back then.

Now, with new effects on the market every single day, the situation is reversed. We learned to trust our customers. They tell us what’s good. For instance, a short while ago a customer ordered Dove From Book. It was in our catalog. I knew about it as I had edited the write-up and made the banner for the front page, but we never had one in stock. I ordered the item for him and looked at in when it came in. I was so impressed that I ordered one for the shop. I demo it with flowers instead of a dove and many people are saving their money for it. I never said it was cheap, only that it was good, well made and impressive.

Another one that I looked at today was Santa’s Surprise by Razamatazz. If you’re doing kid shows at Christmas this is great. Large study cards, classic story line, and lots of yelling and screaming from the kids. Another non-seasonal effect on the same style is Rabbit Rampage also by Razamatazz.

P.S. Finally we have added Downloads for ebooks and DVD’s. That should save everyone time, money and effort. Check it out on our home page under the Browse Category. More will be added on as time goes by.

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Thumb Tips and Magic

With 10 billion ( okay, sleight (pun intended) exaggeration) new tricks coming out every day, one might forget about the 3 T’s, tried, tested and true. One would have to say that about the thumb tip.  There are  different shades, sizes and textures, but it really doesn’t matter. They all do the same thing and so much can be done with them. I’ve had magicians say they don’t like using it anymore because everyone knows about it. I, for sure, know about it and I watched Alexander De Cova  vanish a silk, and I said it was impossible, until I saw the explanation. I have a whole new respect for the thumb tip and De Cova.

Of course over the years it has been enhanced. There is D’lite with all its variations,  Thumb Tip Flame, Thumb Tip  writer, and the list goes on. If you write Thumb tip in the Perfect Magic Google Custom Search under our own search just below the navigattion bar ( left side), you get 10 pages on Thumb Tips. There are books, DVD’s accessories,etc. on the subject. You would think the whole world would know about it, but if you use it right, they’ll never catch you.

So get out that old thumb tip and check out some new ideas and you will always be ready with magic at your fingertips!


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