Holiday Time Is A Magical Time

You can feel it in the air. Nature has added to the atmosphere in Montreal by sending us a white blanket of snow. Lights are twinkling on the trees. To the youngrubik.jpg and young at heart there is wondering as to what to put or find under the tree. Let me help you.

Perfect Magic just received some magic kits, not ordinary magic kits (as though any magic kit would be ordinary) but a RUBIK CUBE Magic Kit from Fantasma. There are a few Rubik Cube sets on the market, one has 50 tricks, but the one we have has 135 tricks.

As our Christmas gift to you, while quantities last, we are selling the kit with 135 tricks at $29.95. (Regular price is should be $49 00.)  You are sure to find something to add to your show or get one for the budding magician in your family, your children, nieces, nephews, friends. It’s something to delight anyone! Buy two or more and the price is discounted even more.

We got a deal on it and are passing it on to you. Order now while quantities last.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank you all again for your good wishes for my good health and for your support for Perfect Magic. We wouldn’t be here without you.


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In Magic, Everything Old is New

It seems to me that certain things become popular all at once. At one time Doves were the rage. Almost every act had doves in it. Then it was over.  Perhaps it was because of animal rights, who knows.  So it was a surprise when I got an order for Dove Apparatus a few weeks ago. It was a bigger surprise when the manufacturer told me he stopped making them as the demand died down. I did manage to get some for the customer.

But if you want to do Dove Magic and are concerned Dove3 copyabout the doves, fret not, for we have Rubber Doves, and they look good.

The same thing with Cups and Balls. We used to sell tons of them. Now not so much. They start at  $4.95 for a plastic set and go up to more than $100.00 for brass, etc. They all work pretty much the same.Cups and Balls So now is a good time to take them out and start practising, because its a classic and this new generation hasn’t seen it.

Linking Rings is another one. If you do it right, there is nothing like it. I remember when Jeff McBride  was in town, blowing everyone away with the rings in his night club act, and then several magicians came into the shop wanting a s like he had. I pointed to an ordinary set that was on display, and they said “No, no, we want the same set that Jeff has.”  As fate would have it, guess who came into the shop at that moment. You got it. Jeff. I asked him if he would do his routine for the magicians that were there. I handed him the rings I had and he did it. The magicians were flabbergasted that he didn’t use special rings.

We had Albert Goshman, king of the sponge balls, as a guest and

Al Goshman dealer

when we went out to eat he’d start doing his Sponge Balls for the waitresses. No one got served. The staff all gathered around our table.

We have a set of books in the shop,

Hugard’s Magic Monthly that has a fantastic amount of routines with different props, a compilation of tricks from the masters. They will open your eyes.

The classics aren’t called the classics for nothing. So get yours out and practice. If you don’t have them, we do. Come and get them. We’ll be happy to advise you on the best methods of learning. Everything old is new, to those who haven’t seen it.

Here’s a little quiz. How many of you can identify all these magicians who did dove magic at Magie Montreal?

Joey I    Martin Rozon copy Great unknown copy  Goldfinger & Dove copy  Lillo copy Jimmy Ray copy Andreka copySalvatore copy  Domenic James Cielen 1





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Magic and the Mind

I’m not a performing magician. I do demo certain tricks in the shop that I really like. The new ones coming out are way over my head, but there are some oldies and goodies. At my age you get a certain respect for the oldies.

One of my favorites is Cardtoon. I used to demo it all the time and Card Toonevery demo was a sale.  It has such appeal. It’s irresistible.

As most of you know, I was treated for cancer, and had Chemo and a robotic operation and now I’m back and so far so good. I was anxious to get back to the shop. A new customer came in and I picked up Cardtoon to demo it and I had no idea how it worked. I asked Phil. He said, “I never did it. You always demo it.”  I put it aside.

When he left I sat down with the deck and for the life of me, I could not remember how to do it. I opened a new pack to read the instructions and it was so complicated I couldn’t understand it. Then I remembered that whoever bought it, I showed them how it worked because the instructions were so complicated I felt they would take it home and never use it. It’s such a simple trick so I took a few minutes and showed them the secret so they would never have to look at the instructions. Still I couldn’t remember it or follow the instructions.

When the next person came in I asked if they had Cardtoon. They said yes. I was so relieved. “Can you show me how to do it?” I asked. “Sorry, I forget how it works.” was the reply.

Finally someone came in who had it, and knew how it worked, showed me the simple move and it all came back to me.

I’m afraid to pick up a Svengali for fear I won’t remember that either! Believe it or not, I just went to get a Svengali and I remembered it. Whew!

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Mark your calendars NOVEMBER 2ND FROM 10AM TO 1PM. 2019


We’re celebrating Guy Day. Yes we are having a special event at Perfect Magic and invite you to to be there. We are honouring Guy Camirand of the Camirand AcadeIMG_0129.jpgmy of Magic. Many of you were his students of magic and he would be thrilled to see you. Many of you may have purchased the excellent products that he and Gary Ouellet created. Guy said he is bringing a surprise, something new that should be of interest to you, but he didn’t tell me what it is.

Bring your kids with you and get them started in magic. I’m sure they’ll be entertained.

We’re having a STOREWIDE SALE for the occasion, so be sure to be here on this coming Saturday NOVEMBER 2nd from 10:00am to 1:00pm 2019   We look forward to seeing you.

Marquez vos calendriers le 2 novembre de 10h à 13h 2019

Nous célébrons Guy Day. Oui, nous organisons en événement spécial chez Magie Parfaite pour Guy Camirand de la Camirand Académie de Magie, et nous vous invitons a soyez la pour lui honorer. Beaucoup d’entre vous siens étudiants de Guy et iIMG_0129.jpgl sera ravi de vous voir. Beaucoup d’entre vous peut-être acheté l’excellents produits que lui et Gary Ouellet ont crées. Guy m’a dit qu’il a une surprise, quelque chose de nouveau. Cela devrait vous intéresser, mais il ne me dit pas ce que c’était.

Amenez vos enfants avec vous et lancez-les dans la magie. Je suis sur qu’ils seront divertis.

Nous organisons une GRAND VENTE dans tout le magasin pour l’occasion, alors assurez-vous d’être ici samedi prochain, le 2ieme novembre de 10h a 13h 2019 Nous avons hate de vous voir.


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Strange Happenings at the Magic Shop

A lot of strange things happen in the magic shop. Yesterday I thought of someone, a customer, I hadn’t seen in a long time. Today he came into the shop.  I found that to be amazing. Why did I think of him? I have no idea. Among other things he asked for something that is no longer on the market. Phil opened the top drawer of his desk and took out the item. He said he wouldn’t be using it anymore and sold it to him. The guy was amazed because it was the only trick he had in his drawer. How’s that for magic!

The only reason he knew he had it was because some time last year someone wanted a large trunk for his magic stuff and Phil had one, his own, and he said if you want it, I’ll sell it to you.Find The Lady - di Fatta He bought it, but Phil had his stuff in it,  and this was one of the items. He kept it in his drawer as he really liked it and didn’t want it to get lost among the other stuff. It was a small version of Find the Lady, where you can show all the three cards, front and back. He bought the large version  (12″ x 18″) as well.

So now we only have one large version left and will not be able to get them at that price again, if we can get them at all.


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It’s Great to be Back at Perfect Magic

I’m back in the saddle again. It feels good. People come in and say they like my new hair style. It’s great to see them. Thank you all for your prayers, positive thoughts and good wishes. All treatment has stopped and I am not on any medication.

Tiny Spirit SlatesI’ve been reorganizing. All the used books that were in the office part of the shop are now in the main shop and are for sale. One book a friend sent me  in 1983 and she wrote a few words inside. She passed away recently so I will never sell that one. I’ve know her since High School.

I have also been making a list of tricks that would be great for Halloween, which is just around the corner, so I’ll share it with you. You may have some of these and perhaps you never thought of them (some of them) for Halloween.

Voodoo Doll…Orange and Black Mouth Coils (1 package left 50″ Cresey coils)… Orange spongVoodoo Dolle balls…Black sponge balls…Knife thru arm (that should scare them to death)…Haunted 2.0…Spider Pro… Bruised…Disecto Arm Chopper…Spirit Slates… Neck Cracker… Ghost Key… The Web… Haunted Hank…Rising Card… Tiny Spirit Slate..not to mention the floating tricks. If  you think of some that I’ve missed, let me know.

Now I have to organize the space that used to hold those books. I will try to write more often and I hope to hear back form you. Drop by if you can. Our roads have been fixed so there’s parking again. The construction in front of the shop is finished. We look forward to seeing you.



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Irresistible Magic

The problem with magic if you’re a magician, is that things come out in the marketplace that you think might fit right into your act. You’re tempted but you resist because it might be too expensive for your budget. Now, until the 28th, much of it is irresistible because the price is right, 60% off. That’s a big discount. If you haven’t seen the sale yet go to

It’s a good time to tell your parents or other loved ones that you can save them the trouble of worrying about Christmas gifts and give them a wish list with all the details.’s that for an idea? Another idea might be that you want to buy a gift for someone who is interested in magic. Ultimate Beginner Magic or Greatest Beginner Magic Ever would delight any aspiring magician. They’re both DVDs.  So what are you waiting for? Do your shopping while this fabulous opportunity is here!

Just as an aside, I happy to inform you I was discharged from the hospital on Saturday. I  usually get fever from the chemo and end up in the hospital for a week, but my next session is the last one which is at the end of the month. Then I’m done with all treatments. The operation was a success and these chemo treatments are just to make sure that everything is gone that should be gone.

I  thank all of you who were kind enough to send your positive thoughts and wishes during this time. It seemed it worked. I look forward to seeing you in the shop if you’re in town.

Good health to you all.


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The Agony and Ecstacy of Magic

As most of you know, I’ve been away from the shop and my regular duties as chief cook and demonstrator of magic since February. Now I come in with Phil on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the afternoon. I don’t know where to put the blame, on my old age, on my Chemo treatments, or that I have been away so long, BUT I forgot how to do a lot of the tricks that I demonstrated.

One of my favorite card tricks using a trick deck is Dan Harlan’s Card-toon There’s Card-toon 1and Card-toon 2.Card Toon I like them both and would show them to everyone who walked in and didn’t have one. It’s a winner. It’s not an “I fooled you trick”.  It’s fun, enjoyable as well as mystifying. So today I came into the shop and picked up a Card-toon and had no idea how it worked. I mean no idea!!! Of course there is an instruction sheet. Then I remembered that whoever bought the trick I showed them how to do it because it is so easy to do, BUT did you ever try to read the instructions for it? I thought they would take it home and put magic away forever if I didn’t show them how. I even have the instructions in French, thanks to Denise Tesher. Phil was of no help. After spending at least 20 minutes on it, trying to understand the instructions, I figured it out. Has it ever happened to you?

Well, now I’ll see if I can do the Svengali!!!


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Magicians, Musicians and Other Street Performers In Montreal

I would have been on this much earlier had I not been hospitalized several times since I first heard about the issue our wonderful street performers Image result for Street Magic  by Jeff sheridanhave had to deal with here in Montreal. It seems there are Draconian rules about who can perform, where and when and inspectors, etc. I would prefer that City Hall spent their precious time and manpower, not to mention our taxes, on a solution for fixing the pot holes on our streets rather than the performers on our streets.

When Phil and I were younger we traveled a lot. We drove across Canada and probably through all the states in continental U.S.A.  We took the children with us. We stopped all over to see the sights and points of interest. We also traveled to England, France, Italy and Israel. In so many places there were street performers and they added so much to our enjoyment. Many were excellent and were rewarded for their talent.  Magicians who came to Montreal, not to perform but for whatever reason, used to come in for props because it was such a vibrant city and they saw the possibilities here. They didn’t need a permit.

I don’t know if the name Jeff Sheridan means anything to you, but he was a street performer in Central Park in New York City and was the first magician to make a name for himself as a street performer and wrote a book on it. He is known as The Father of Modern Street Magic. One day he came into our shop and introduced himself. Phil knew right away who he was. He came to visit a friend and had no magic with him but his friend to him to Prince Arthur Street when it was closed to traffic and was full of restaurants and a real people attraction. He couldn’t resist doing magic there so he bought some rope and sponge balls, maybe linking rings, and I forget what else and asked us to come and see him perform. He asked if Phil would put some money in his hat at the end to get the ball rolling and he would give it back to him after.

Well, we watched his show. Tons of people came to watch him and we were pushed to the back. When the show was over we tried to get to the front but couldn’t make it. We saw him signal to us not to bother coming. People were fighting to get to him to throw money in his hat. He made three to four hundred dollars for his 20 or so minute show.

When we were in Florida, a street magician recognized Phil and asked if he could do some magic for him. It was something with sponge balls. He was pretty good, but the best part was that at the end of the routine he asked Phil is he wanted his watch back. Phil had no idea he had taken it.  In so many places the tourists as well as the locals enjoyed them. They never did any harm, only good, so what’s the problem with our City Hall?


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There’s No Escaping Magic!

I’m back home. Cancer sucks! But I guess I’ll feel better everyday. Thank you all for the lovely emails, positive thoughts,  and even phone calls I got from you. It was certainly encouraging.

I had the operation on the 18th of June at the JGH. I managed to crack up the anesthesiologist. Before the operation she came and explained to me in great detail what was going to happen, step by step, to make sure I understood everything. When she was through with her long and detailed recitation, I simply said, “Whatever!” I didn’t think it was that funny but she certainly did. When she finally stopped laughing she started talking again and burst out laughing again. I said I was happy to make her laugh. The staff must have a lot of stress and I’m sure she relieved a lot of hers with that laughter.

So after my robotic operation I was brought to a “short stay” unit and was supposed to go home the next day, but didn’t. The doctor wanted to make sure I was strong enough to take the next 3 doses of Chemo which I am not looking forward to…however, I went this far, I’ll see it through, but it’s not a walk in the park.

So there I am, in a room with 4 other people. I’m in Bed “A” nearest the door, not feeling wonderful as you can imagine, but I always kept the drapes facing the hall open to see some activity. One time I look up and just outside the door are two CLOWNS, a man and a woman, and they are dancing and singing and carrying on, real pros! The songs were ragtime songs that Phil plays on the piano. I called them in to find out more about them. They were both doctors. Did you know there is an organization of Doctor Clowns, FOUNDATION DR CLOWN that go around hospitals to cheer people up?

This is a postcard they left me and autographed.Clowns 1 copy.jpgClowns 2 copy.jpg

Of course I told them about Perfect Magic and the items we have for clowns as well as magicians. There’s the wrist watch that you pull the winder (remember those?) and out comes a tape measure, and I told them about the wand that falls apart , etc. They were excited to hear that Perfect magic was so close to the hospital. Anyhow I got a big kick out of them and they certainly lifted my spirits.

If any of you want to know more about them go to If you’re a doctor, you may have a whole new career waiting for you!!!





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