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More Magician Stars that Shone at Magie Montreal.

Last week my blog was a tribute to performers, now deceased, at Magic Montreal, a two-day Magic Convention  that Phil Matlin of Perfect Magic and Vim Vermeys ran for 19 years. I mentioned that I didn’t find photos of all of them, but I managed to find a few more that graced our stage. Walter Cummings, Derek Dingle, Serge Verdi, Ivano and Le Grand Marcis. This past year Stuart Feldman died. I came across a photo of him doing close-up. I haven’t heard from George Therrien for a long time and hope he is in good health, but his photo is included as the other three magicians in the photo are no longer with us and its a great photo. Phil and Vim are in some photos too, and they are still alive and kicking.

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Magic Stars From Magie Montréal That Shone and Are Gone

When I started writing this I didn’t realize how many magicians that made Magie Montréal, the great and fun loving convention that it was, had passed away. This blog is a tribute to them, to the performers  who graced our stage and close-up tables that are no longer with us. I don’t have photo’s of them all. I probably do, but being the organized person that I am, I can’t find them. When I do, they’ll be posted.


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Levent, Master Magician, Comedian, and more!

If you’re serious about magic in all likelihood you know who Levent is. If you don’t you should. At age 17, some 30 years ago, he won the first prize at the International Brotherhood of Magicians’ Convention and has gone on to be a world wide magic star and magic lecturer. He is also a noted creator of magic tricks.

About a year ago a young man came into our shop who was sincerely interested in magic. He wanted good stuff and was prepared to practice. He’d come in every week and make his purchase. We steered him toward Levent, The Color Changing Half Dyed Silks, … not cheap. He hemmed and hawed about it and finally decided to take the leap. Next time he came in he was happy as could be. He loved Levent, his teaching methods and the effect. What else did I have from him? I think the next one was the Levent’s Ultimate Guide to the Billiard Balls DVD. No feint heart, this guy…he bought the large set of European Multiplying Balls  to go with it, knowing it would take time, but didn’t want to get used to a smaller size. It is nothing you learn overnight and he knew it. The love affair is still on. I think the next one was Levent’s “Ultimate Guide” To The Misers Dream, 3 DVD Set. This customer also took the course from Guy Camirand of the Camirand Academy of Magic, and Guy told me that this guy’s got it. He raved about him as a student. So if you have the right attitude and get the right stuff and are willing to put in the effort, there is a world of Magic out there for you. 

If you are interested in other effects we carry by Levent, check out Levent’s Ultimate Guide To The Linking Rings 4 DVD Set, and  Super Salt Pour – Levent (Gimmick and DVD). We have received excellent feedback from all our customers who have bought Levent effects.

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Retire from Magic? Not Likely

My sister-in -law wants to know why we don’t retire, after all, we are both in our seventies. Besides the fact that we still like to eat, we enjoy getting up every morning (Phil not so much ) but once up we have where to go and what to do. While its true that we don’t love every aspect of the job, it has its rewards. We meet the nicest people ( most of the time). We saw a sign in one of the antique shops we visited in Pennsylvania that said “Every one who walks through these doors brings us joy. Some upon entering and some upon leaving.” We had a good laugh.

Which brings me to the other day when Bob Fitch walked into the shop. Phil was at home sick. He’s better now but was really sorry he missed Bob. I had never met him but when he told me his name it was a name I knew. I know many of you know who he is as  he lectured here in Montreal not that long ago. Everybody loved him and learned a lot. He is a multi talented person. On  his card it says “Coaching, Direction, Lectures and Performance  Workshop” But he does much more than that. He’s also an actor and dancer and performed last week at Festival de Claquette de Montreal.

Anyhow, we had a lovely time discussing various aspects of life, a time I wouldn’t have had, if I had retired.

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There’s Magic In The Air

I don’t know if its just that I’m attuned to it, but magic seems to be everywhere lately. We were in Pennsylvania last week,  visiting my son and daughter-in -law, who live near State College. We drove down and enjoyed the beautiful countryside and visited different places along the way. There were Amish farms and we past many horse and carriages along the way. We spent a fair amount of time in Adamstown, antique capital of USA and was tempted to buy a glass top hat that was there, but resisted. (so many things and so little space). Phil managed to buy a bunch of sheet music from the 20’s that was right up his alley.

On the way home we turned on the radio and Dr. Joe Schwarz was on  CJAD. We came in near the end but he was talking  about a financial adviser and then somehow he was speaking about magic that he performed somewhere and how he alway loved magic.

Last night, after being somewhat settled after the trip I watched Murdock Mysteries. It was all about Houdini, when he was just starting out and gave Murdock tickets to his show in Toronto.  Houdini disappeared for 11 minutes during the show, the same 11 minutes that the bank next to the theatre was robbed. Of course he was a suspect but ended up helping to solve the case using magic principles to explain how  the robbery was accomplished.

Now I could use a little magic myself to help Phil get over his sore throat, cough and fever. He stayed home yesterday and today.  I gave him some home made chicken soup with matzo balls. That should do the trick (pun intended).

I thank all our customers who have been exceedingly patient with me as I wrestled with the computer to complete the transactions, as usually Phil does that part, but I’m getting on to it.  Have a great week-end.


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