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There’s No Escaping Magic!

I’m back home. Cancer sucks! But I guess I’ll feel better everyday. Thank you all for the lovely emails, positive thoughts,  and even phone calls I got from you. It was certainly encouraging.

I had the operation on the 18th of June at the JGH. I managed to crack up the anesthesiologist. Before the operation she came and explained to me in great detail what was going to happen, step by step, to make sure I understood everything. When she was through with her long and detailed recitation, I simply said, “Whatever!” I didn’t think it was that funny but she certainly did. When she finally stopped laughing she started talking again and burst out laughing again. I said I was happy to make her laugh. The staff must have a lot of stress and I’m sure she relieved a lot of hers with that laughter.

So after my robotic operation I was brought to a “short stay” unit and was supposed to go home the next day, but didn’t. The doctor wanted to make sure I was strong enough to take the next 3 doses of Chemo which I am not looking forward to…however, I went this far, I’ll see it through, but it’s not a walk in the park.

So there I am, in a room with 4 other people. I’m in Bed “A” nearest the door, not feeling wonderful as you can imagine, but I always kept the drapes facing the hall open to see some activity. One time I look up and just outside the door are two CLOWNS, a man and a woman, and they are dancing and singing and carrying on, real pros! The songs were ragtime songs that Phil plays on the piano. I called them in to find out more about them. They were both doctors. Did you know there is an organization of Doctor Clowns, FOUNDATION DR CLOWN that go around hospitals to cheer people up?

This is a postcard they left me and autographed.Clowns 1 copy.jpgClowns 2 copy.jpg

Of course I told them about Perfect Magic and the items we have for clowns as well as magicians. There’s the wrist watch that you pull the winder (remember those?) and out comes a tape measure, and I told them about the wand that falls apart , etc. They were excited to hear that Perfect magic was so close to the hospital. Anyhow I got a big kick out of them and they certainly lifted my spirits.

If any of you want to know more about them go to If you’re a doctor, you may have a whole new career waiting for you!!!





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Magic Sent Me Back To the Magic Shop

As most of you know, I have been away from the Perfect Magic since early February when I was informed by my doctor that I had cancer. I have been in and out of the hospital since then.  I am convinced I will not die of cancer; maybe from the Chemo treatments but not from the cancer!!!

I was supposed to have a robotic operation to remove the cancer in May but due to my reaction to the Chemo it had been put off. The last time I was sent home from the hospital, I did a lot of bed rest, TV watching and playing games on my iphone. I went to the park when the weather was good, but was told to stay away from crowds as my immune system was compromised by the Chemo. I tired easily and got to know my bed really well.

Then the magic happened. My son Brian and his wife Denyce, who now live in Pennsylvania, and their two Pyreneese Mountain dogs came in for a visit. Julie (my daughter) made Friday night dinner and we all got together. For the first time since my cancer business started, I felt well. My tiredness disappeared. I became alive again. It was then that I realized that my feeling of well being was psychological and made up my mind I was not going back to that place. On the way home I told Phil I was going to the shop with him on Tuesday. He thought I was crazy but I insisted.

He tried to prepare me that he didn’t have a chance to clean up. He wasn’t kidding. Boxes were everywhere.  I got rid of all the empty boxes, tidied up the place and rearranged the shelves. Of course I didn’t do all that in one day. I’ve been coming in with him every Tuesday and Thursday since then which was about a month ago and have been feeling just fine. I was amazed at all the new magic that came in.

I answered the phone once and the customer said he was so glad to hear my voice and he missed my blogs, so here I am. Another customer came in to pick up some stuff and left and came back an hour later to tell me he forgot to mention how happy he was that I was back.

Today I saw my doctor and he said everything was fine and I should be having my robotic operation next week or the following week at the latest. They do 2 robotic operations a day. If I’m the first, I go home the same day and if I’m the second, I sleep over at the hospital. Frankly I don’t care which it is, as long as I get it over with. I thank you all for your good wishes that you sent and appreciate them. If you get a chance, drop in and say hello.



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