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Back in The Magic Saddle

As I mentioned on Facebook yesterday, I’ve been away from the shop for a little more than a week. Phil was holding the fort. My back went out amongst other things but now I’m back. Phil was away Monday and will be back this afternoon or tomorrow (Wednesday ).

The thing is that coming into the shop alone was not the easiest thing for me as I am not computer savvy, so to speak. I know some stuff to be sure. I do the banners on the home page of Perfect Magic and write on facebook, do the editing of the products on our site ( so if you see mistakes or items with a zero price tag, let me know or words running into each other. I’d appreciate it.) and the blog and a few other things, but Phil is the man when it comes to the computer for Perfect Magic. He does all the nitty gritty stuff. This is one of the reasons I was feeling so gloomy. Everytime I had to do something I had to phone Phil to find out how to do this or that. Not that I don’t bug him when he is here, but at least I don’t have to pick up a phone.

So there I was alone in the shop, ordering stuff that customers ordered on line (Phil had to tell me how to get to the orders out of the computer) and trying to figure out how to get the messages from the phone ( While the rest of the world is is busy with their tablets and what not, I’m still trying to figure out the phone) and getting stuff for orders, customers started coming in. A lot of them. I only opened in the afternoon as I had a  doctor’s appointment in the morning and left a sign on the door that I would be back at one. Some had come earlier and actually went for a bite and came back and were so thrilled that we were open.

There were teenagers who came and youngsters with their mothers, some  with their grandmothers and one of them said he doesn’t have the chance to come up as school will be starting and then I realized why so many of them were here. They were all so happy and they made me happy and I forgot all about my back, which is not 100% yet and I realized that you, my customers, are the reason we stay here after 35 years, when family and friends are telling us to retire. We appreciate your support and are happy to make you happy. Thank you.


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Speaking of Pickpockets and Magicians

I wrote a little blurb on facebook about Apollo Robbins, world famous pickpocket, who I had read about in the January 2013 issue of New Yorker Magazine and while I was  reading the discussion that some of my readers were having  about pickpockets a flash from the past came back to me.

I was in Las Vegas with Phil many years ago, and was wearing a beautiful gold bracelet and  pearl necklace. We dressed up in those days!  The act was a Pickpocket from Paris named Dominique but I don’t think its the same Dominique the guys were talking about on facebook because this was maybe 40 years ago  or more. He was a wonderful and most charming entertainer and came off the stage into the audience and he came directly to me. No way was he getting my bracelet, I thought to myself. It was a gift from my late father-in-law, which he had purchased on a trip to Italy. I would not take my eyes off my bracelet. (which was subsequently stolen in a house robbery many years later when we were having dinner at Joan & Romaine’s, but I digress).

Oh, he was trying, as he asked if I was enjoying my stay in Las Vegas he had his hand on my hand as a friendly gesture, but I was smarter than him. He could not distract me, and as he left my hand to casually rest his hand on my neck, and knew he was going for he clasp, I did not take my eyes off my bracelet as I knew the clasp on my pearls was complicated. No worry about that. So when he left me “in tact” so to speak, I was relieved to see him go on to another person and watched him as did everyone else and after making the rounds he went back onto the stage and one by one, produced his victories and returned them to the audience members. Then he looked down at me and smiled, (we had front row seats) and asked, “Could this be yours?” as he handed me my beaded evening bag. I never even had given it a thought. Then he  turned to an attractive young lady as he took  a red bra from his inside jacket pocket and said, ” Mademoiselle?” and handed it to her. She shook her head vigorously but he got his laugh and huge applause as  he took his bow.

In case this has piqued your interest  you can check out

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Magicians and Top Hats

I’ve dealt with this topic before. When someone says magician, even with street magicians being so popular like David Blaine, Chris Angel, etc, somehow the idea of a Top Hat still comes to mind. I guess that speaks of my age more than anything else and yet a lady  phoned the other day because her 5 year old wanted a top hat, more than anything else. And he’s been wanting it since he was 3. That’s a good part of his life that he’s been wanting a top hat, so I guess I’m not the only one that thinks top hat and magician in the same thought.

So call me sexist or agist or whatever you want, but when I came to the shop this morning and saw a middle aged woman, in shorts and a t-shirt, my first thought was that, like so many calls I get, its a different kind of magic they are looking for. Then I thought it could be a grandmother or aunt wanting to get some gifts.  Wrong! Wrong! and Wrong! It was a lady who performs magic in schools and hospitals for kids as a volunteer. She was a lovely person, with a great sense of humour, and who had made a lot of her magic props herself. She was delighted to find a magic shop, and of course I was delighted as well. We have other customers who buy stuff and do volunteer shows at hospitals and even buy little tricks for the kids.

These magicians say it gives them a lift to see the expression on the kids’ faces and to see how much fun they are having, and for a while at least,the kids forget about about their ailments.

So a tip of the top hat to the magicians who bring magic to these children.

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