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A Word For Magicians

It’s been over  month since my last blog. It seems like much longer to me but I’ve been getting my chemo treatments and recuperating from them and the time passes. I’ll be going for my forth treatment at the end of the month and then will be going for my robotic operation in May. How futuristic does that sound. Right now I’m feeling fine as the effects of the chemo have worn off.

I’ve been passing a few hours everyday playing a Scabble like game (Words With Friends 2) with my eldest daughter Ronna, on line. We have nine games going at a time. I haven’t played Scabble in at least 20 years so I was a bit rusty at first. Now I’m catching up to her. Why am I telling you this? I’ve learned a few new words since this began but one really fired up my imagination. I even dreamed about the word and wondered how many of my magician readers know what it means.

I’ll tell you what it is but not what it means. Without looking it up, if you know, tell me you know. The word is “Sice”.* It’s not an abracadabra thing, and I’m sure most of you may not even be in this area of magic, but if you are, and since patter is such an important part of performing, its worth knowing this word and would impress your audience if you impart this word and meaning to you audience.

P.S. Thanks to all of you who have been coming to the magic shop on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, which is when Phil is in the shop. We’ll let you know when things get back to normal, but we really appreciate your support.

* It has many different meanings, but you’ll know which one if you google it.






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