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The Things We Do For Love (of Magic)

Sometimes people do things and you can’t understand why. There seems to be no logic to it, and yet they proceed. If and when you find the reason behind the action,  the action becomes clear. The other day I found out why someone did something and I didn’t even know he did it and it took over 30 years to find out, and it warmed my heart.

Many of you may know Stephane Bourgoin. He’s a magician who first came to Perfect Magic when he was 15. He has been very successful in every aspect in the field of magic. You may have seen him on TV. More that being a great magician in his own right he is a creator of illusions and created illusions for Cirque du Soleil  |  Juste Pour Rire  |  Théâtre du Nouveau Monde  | Les Grands Ballets Canadien  |  Orchestre Métropolitain and soon he will be off to Europe for additional engagements. He also  works with Luc Langevin, another success story. I think Luc was around about 11 years of age when he first came here, and he recently made his greatest production, a son. Congratulations again Luc. I hope you’re getting some sleep by now.

So here’s the story. Before Christmas Stephane came to our shop for  supplies. He was talking to Phil at this point, as I was with another customer so I don’t know how the topic came up,  but I caught a bit of the conversation and later got the whole story. Stephane told us when he graduated from CEGEP, he was accepted by four Universities. He told his father he wanted to go to the Polytechnique  Montréal. His father said, “Why do you want to go there? You can go to any University, you can go to McGill!” and Stephane said he made up some excuse that he told his father and that’s where he went.

He said “Very few people know this but I chose it because it was the closest to Perfect Magic.” His father never found out about that. I told him that now the whole world is going to know about it as I found it so touching.  That’s when we took the photo.







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Put A Little Magic in Christmas

If you want to add anything to your Christmas show, here’s what we have to offer. Since we won’t be here for BOXING DAY we’re giving a 25% special now until we leave on vacation on December 22 on the items listed below.

Even if you have this year’s show planned, think about next year. We only have 1 of most Christmas items left. I put the quantity in Brackets after the item. When it’s gone it’s gone and we will tell you.

You can still get it at the discount price if our supplier has any left, but we can’t garantee you’ll get it before Christmas.   If you want something on the list, order now.

We wish you and your loved ones a happy,  healthy and merry Christmas!

Evy & Phil

A Tony Christmas Show DVD (1)

Christmas Silk 36″Christmas Silk 36″,no writing (1)
Deluxe Santa Stuck in Chimney (1)
Fantasy Green Change Bag (no zipper) (1)

Forgetful Rudolph (1)
Happy Santa Blendo (1)
Lit Candle to Twinkling Christmas Tree (1)
Paper Hat Tears, Santa package of 12(10)
Rudy Reindeer (1)
Santa’s Hat (1)


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