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The Magic of A Rising Card

Many years ago Albert Goshman, a fabulous close-up magician was our guest in

Goshman publiciy

Albert Goshman – Publicity photo

Montreal when he lectured here for us. You may also know him as a manufacturer of Sponge Balls and other items made of sponge for which he is world famous. But I digress.

When he was here for a close-up performance he called upon me as his volunteer for his famous Coin under the Salt Shaker routine. You old timers know what I’m talking about. I knew what to expect and watched him closely but I could never catch a move, even for the finale when a huge coin appeared under the salt shaker,  right under my nose, and I never saw him put it there, neither did anyone else.

So after this fabulous performance he closed his act with the Rising Card.

Later in the evening when we were alone I asked him. “Why in the world would a fabulous magician like you, who can do such sleight of hand, close your act with the rising card, a commercial trick that anyone could do?”

His reply was, ” This is my act. I perform for lay people. When the show is over and they go home they’ll forget all about the Salt Shaker. All they’ll remember is someone chose a card, put it in the deck, the deck was put in a glass and the chosen signed card, all by itself, rose out of the deck. They’ll talk about that.”

We  have about 9  different varieties of Rising Card in our catalog, besides those written up in books.   A few weeks ago we got a new one in, “Risen”. You use your own deck, the spectator opens the box, shuffles the cards and takes a card a signs it.  You can watch it on the video. We got great feedback from our customers who bought it. Easy to do. Just thought I’d let you know. I’m sure Albert would have loved it.

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