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Magic Dealers at Magie Montreal 1988-89

Sometimes to get inspiration for a topic I look at old photos. I randomly picked up the year 1989, but I had lost those programs. Denise Tesher was kind enough to find me a copy but there was no cover, so I wasn’t sure of the year. Which was which? I went through the 2  years and thought what a gold mine we had then. These were  not guys that sat in their basement and invented a trick and put it on the internet. These guys were performers and entertainers. We knew them personally. Unfortunately, many have since died, some much to early, but at least we have memories and somehow they must in some way have influenced out lives. There was Hank Moorehouse for Abbott’s Magic, Al Cohen for Al’s Magic Shop, Bob Little  for Guaranteed Magic, Hank Lee for Hank Lee’s Magic Factory, Al Goshman for Magic By Gosh, Paul Diamond for Paul Diamond Magic, Pavel for Pavel’s Top Magic, and Marilyn for Hans Zahn Videonics…and of course there was also Perfect Magic…so take a look.


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Paul Potassy and A Lesson in Magic.

Many years ago, another life time ago, when we were living in Hampstead, it must have been in 1977 or thereabouts, Paul Potassy and his wife came to Montreal. Paul phoned us. He had a stint at the then new Bonaventure Hotel, and he invited Phil  and I to be his guests at  his show. I think the name of the night club in the hotel was the Cafe Conc  and don’t think it isn’t bothering me that I can’t remember all these things exactly. It’s only 35 years ago. What I do remember is that I invited him and his wife to our home for dinner which he accepted. I do remember that we had raclette and little potatoes amongst other things, but I remember that  because I left the raclette machine too close to the dining room beveled mirror above the server and the mirror cracked  from the heat of it.

In any case after dinner Paul did some magic for us. He did table magic with coins and cards  and he dazzled us. The next night we went to see him perform at the hotel. He was marvelous. I don’t remember his act, which has more to do with my memory than his act. What I do remember was at one point, he had a spectator choose a card and replace it in the deck. Phil leaned over to me and said, “I don’t believe it but I think he is using a stripper deck.”  After the show we got together with Paul and his wife and Phil asked him if that’s what he used. He said yes. Phil said, “after what you did last night at the dinner table, why would you resort to using a stripper deck.” He answered, ” When I do a show I don’t want to think about magic. The only thing I want to focus on is my audience.” I guess a lesson could be learned from that!


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Reinventing the Magic Wheel

Believe it or not, this is my 95th blog and I was sure I wouldn’t  be writing it today or even have one today. We’ve been busy in the shop, our web is undergoing an overhaul and  some of you may or may not know this, but I am also a document examiner and had to make a report for a rush case that had to be ready to hand into court and I’m out of the office on Thursday and Friday this week because I am a Grandmother Judge at the International Startup Festival  here in Montreal at the Old Port which takes place on those days. Then I have Phil on my back to get the banners and newsletter ready because I’m the one who puts them together.

But the important things comes first. It was my grandchildren’s soccer practice  last night between 6 and 8:00 pm. Of course they want us to be there. So I’m sitting on a pad on the grass watching my four year old grand daughter in her practice sessions when my six year old grandson sits down beside me and says in a quiet voice, “You know Bubby, when  I was at camp today I was reading a book on magic and it said you could make this thing that fits on your thumb and then you take a silk hanky and …….He described it so perfectly. I told him the name of it and he asked if I could possibly get him one. So we checked out his thumb and came to the conclusion that he might just have to wait awhile,  but perhaps we could find something that would work. I tell Phil the story, and what does he get out of it? “He can read?”

Anyhow, I thought it was so sweet how he shares these “magic moments” with me that I thought I would like to share them with you.


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A Magician And His Secret

Last year I wrote this but didn’t post it.  I wrote about my  then 5 year old grandson, who is into magic. His friend, who is a pretty 6 year old girl was enthralled with the tricks he showed her, and upset when he wouldn’t repeat a trick or worse, tell her how it was done. One day when my grandson was away, the little girl came into the house to play with my granddaughter who is 3 years old. While they were playing, my granddaughter said to my daughter, “Mommy, where is the key to my bruder’s magic box? Sally wants to open it. She wants to see bruder’s magic tricks.” My daughter said to her. Tell Sally that if she wants to see how magic tricks are done, she should ask her mother to take her to the magic shop ( yes, I trained my children well) and buy some.

When my daughter told her son about that incident, he said,” Oh, don’t worry about it. I hid part of the tricks in another place just in case someone managed to get to my magic box. They couldn’t figure it out with the pieces missing.”  5 years old!

That was then. He never told a sole. Now when he progressed. He confessed to me the other night that he has a friend in kindergarten who is also a magician and they discuss magic. He is 6 now.  I can just see two 6 year olds discussing magic. It must be quite like the 20 year olds and 60 year olds that meet in the shop and have the same discussions. It brings a smile to my face whenever I think of it.

It always fascinated me that no matter the difference in age,class or language , when magicians meet all barriers are gone and they seem to reach a different level and are able to discuss and get what they want to across to each other. I remember Bill Zavis, a high level sophisticated diplomat from the U.S.A, who was stationed in Montreal for a few years, and was also a magic author and accomplished magician; he and a labourer, not well educated, and not well groomed, but knew his magic, used to have these wonderful discussions.  They couldn’t care less about each others social status. Magic was all. And then I picture the 2 6 year olds.  Its just plain magic!


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