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What’s New, Pussycat? In Magic, Lots!

What’s new? Besides magic, it’s a New Year. We just celebrated the arrival of the year 5778. Jews don’t celebrate the arrival of the new year with whistles and bells (just a ram’s horn). Its a time of reflection and a time to ask forgiveness to anyone we have done wrong to, intentionally or not. Friday evening, September 29th this year, is the start of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, a day of fasting and prayer, so of course, Perfect Magic, will be closed this Saturday.

As I think over the past year,  4 events concerning magic stand out for me. My 11 year old grandson performed his first magic show for the public (Masters of Spectacular at Decarie Square). When Ozzie (the organizer of the event) asked me if he would perform, I said, “You’ll have to ask him.” He did, and much to our surprise my grandson accepted the challenge. He’s not the outgoing attention seeking type but he wanted to do it. He put a lot of thought into it and one of the pros in the audience said it was the best routined act in the show, and came to the shop to buy one of the effects that he did.

The second event was the trip to the McCord Museum, having been invited by Joe Culpepper, who gave a children’s magic course at the museum amongst other things. We went to see the final show and toured the Museum. I wrote a blog on that called Magic, Music, and Dance! It was a fabulous day.

Another outstanding day was when Caiden Finch (age 11, I think) performed at the last Masters of  Spectacular at Decarie Square. He had come into the shop about a week before and asked for some tips. He likes cards. We told him no cards. He actually listened. Both Phil and I were absolutely amazed at how professional he was, and how he tied his routines together. Of course we are not taking the credit for it. He went to Sorcerer’s Safari Magic Camp in Ontario. It was a fabulous camp with wonderful instructors. We were there as guests for a week-end once so we know first hand. I even stayed up for a midnight lecture by Steve Valentine, who was unbelievable!

The fourth thing, that really left an impression was a customer who came in to buy effects for a show. We didn’t know him. He told us his name and he was from the West Island but he didn’t fill out the form with his email and phone number, etc. He bought $81.00 worth of stuff. Phil handled the invoice and he paid by credit card. Phil punched in 81 cents instead of $81.00. We only discovered this at the end of the day. Phil looked him up and found his phone number. I said I would call him. Phil said, “No, don’t. He seems like an honest man. I’m sure he will phone us when he sees it.” A month passed. We forgot about it. Then we get a call from him. “My wife was reconciling our charge cards and said, “What’s this all about? You charged something for 81 cents?” And he made it right. Phil told him we knew about it but we also knew he would call us when he found out. It sort of restores one faith in humanity in this crazy world.

I wish you all a healthy, happy, prosperous, and sweet New Year and if you are Jewish, have an easy fast.



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