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A Magic Graduation Gift

Speaking of Children’s Magic, my grandson had his graduation last week. From Day Care!  He’s five. He’s been in day care around 4 years.The graduation class performed a delightful musical show and then received their diplomas. It was adorable, says the grandmother.

I never would have thought about getting him a gift for daycare graduation. From time to time I give him little tricks, but on the day of his graduation it became important for me to give him something special. He  has tons of toys and clothes, so that was out. I know he loves magic and when he was at the shop last time, I did the Dice Bomb for him. He loved it, but, I didn’t feel his little fingers would be able to set it up each time so I never told him how it was done. I said when he was older I would give it to  him.  He also loves when I do Sponge Balls for him. Again I never gave it to him as I thought 5 was too young. Well, now he’s graduating. He’s big, right?

I took down a little Magic Close-Up Case which you can lock, and  it has adjustable compartments, but no tricks. I filled it with a Mirror Glass,  a Dice Bomb, Sponge Balls, a Magical Block, a few silks for the Mirror Glass, a little puzzle,  and a Double Color Changing Handkerchief. I wrapped it all up and as I was leaving the graduation I gave it  to him. He was thrilled to get the present, although he didn’t know what it was yet. I left and never had the chance to see him open it.

His mother told me he was delighted with it. The best part? The magic case had keys and he could lock it!

The next morning when my daughter woke up she couldn’t understand why the house was so quiet. His door was ajar and she peeked in to see him practicing his magic tricks. How perfect is that?


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Magic for Beginners and Children’s Magic

Often people will come to the shop and say they’d like to buy children’s magic.

My question is, “Who is going to be doing the magic, you or the children?”

If the answer is “I am. I’m going to do a little show for them.” Then I ask, “Have you done magic before?” and I keep on asking questions until I know what they need.

If the answer is, “ No it’s for the children to do.” Then I have to know how old the children are, if they have done magic before, and if so what do they have, how much he wants to spend, etc. If they have never done magic before, then it becomes for Beginner Magic for Children.

What I suggest depends on the age.  Because I recommend something for a two year old, does not for one minute mean that it is not appropriate for an adult as well.  If you read my other blogs you would know that my 2 year old grandson gave a stellar performance with perfect timing of the Appearing Flower. He could hardly speak but knew exactly when to say Tah-dah!

So I thought I would make a list, if anyone wants to know what to get as a gift and what it would cost for children of various ages and would also give you an idea of what is Easy To Do Magic (not neccessarily for children).

Everyone should know their own children.  A 3 year old can do The Appearing Flower  and the Magic Coin Slide as well as the Magical Block. If however they are still putting things in their mouth, then don’t give them things that involve coins.  And of course you have to teach it to them. I found the best way is to perform the trick for them so that they are amazed and then teach them how to do it.  You’d be surprised at how fast they learn. A 6 year old can  learn the Kurious Kords, otherwise known as the Professor’s Nightmare, and the Magic Coloring book.We have a mini version. Zig Zag Rope is another easy one.

At the same time as I teach them a trick I teach them about Magic manners. They have to keep it a secret and if they go to a  The Double Changing Colour Handkerchief is another easy to do trick. I’m sure a 5 year old could do that. 8 year olds can do Nickles to Dimes. I know that for a fact because my father bought that for me when I was 8 and it kept me busy a long time.

At the same time as I teach them a trick I teach them about Magic manners. They have to keep it a secret and if they go to a show and a magician is performing they must never say that they know how it’s done, as that is rude. I know some adults who don’t observe those simple rules.I also tell them that magic tricks are not toys. They are special and should be kept in a special place where their friends can’t get to them when they come over to play.

So these are some examples of tricks that are appropriate for children or beginner adults. There are many more and if you are interested let me know and I’ll make a longer list.

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Luminato, a Festival in Toronto with Great Magic Plus!

I received a telephone call from Annie Dang on Monday asking if I would help publicize Luminato,  a Festival  that is being put on in Toronto. I thought you might like to know about it, so here’s the email I received and if anyone attends the festival, I’d love your feedback.

Hi Evelyn,

 Luminato is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to showcasing the best of Canada and the best of the world in one place, and at one time, every year.

Thank you so much again for your generous support!

 Here is a bit more information about our magic shows in this year’s festival:

 Natural Magick

June 10-16 | Tarragon Theatre

Sleight-of-hand, music and images combine to take you on a magical journey to the highest reaches of illusion.


June 17-18 | Winter Garden Theatre

Comedy, pantomime, and magic combine in one glorious night of pure entertainment featuring the talents of: The Great Tomsoni and Company, Gaëtan Bloom, Tina Lenert, Ardan James, and Mike Caveney.


Alex Lumsden is our social media specialist, and he will be in touch with you about facebook/twitter posts.


Thank you very much again, Evelyn!

Wish you all the best!




Annie Dang
Marketing Communications Intern
 416-368-3100, ext.256
F: 416-368-4010

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This Is Just A Regular Deck Of Cards!

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, SAY THAT! Or here, check out the pack to make sure its just a regular deck of cards. Same thing with coins.

I wasn’t sure what I would write about this week, but my blog walked into the shop; a young man, maybe 14 or 16, with his grandmother. The boy was quiet, at first. The grandmother was lovely. He wanted to make things appear and disappear. He didn’t want to learn sleight of hand at this time nor did he have a lot of money to spend.

Perhaps you’d like to see a card trick.

I do card ticks. I want the 4 Ace trick.

Hmm. Does it have a name?

No, but I saw someone do it and it involved the 4 aces.

That narrowed the field. I figured I’d go back to the basics. I love the basics. “Do you have a Svengali deck?

“A what?”

“Okay, let me show you a trick.”

Both grandmother and son stood there with their mouths open. Their jaws dropped 3 times. The first time – when he put his finger in the deck anywhere  he wanted as I riffled one end of it. I told him to take out the Ace of Diamonds, and he looked confused. His grandmother said, “Pick up the card.” He turned it over and this was the first jaw drop. It was the Ace of Diamonds.

Know how I know?

Heads shake.

I cheat. They are all Ace of diamonds I tell them, as I expose all the Aces. (Second jaw drop) But then anyone could do that. It’s not a great feat to have someone choose an Ace of diamonds out of a pack full of Ace of Diamonds.

They agree wholeheartedly.

So I’ll change it. I take the top card and show them the King of Clubs, put it on the bottom of the pack and let the cards fall freely face up into my other hand so they can see they are all the cards different (third jaw drop).

BUT you liked the Ace so please put your finger anywhere in the deck  again as I riffle though it and of course he gets the Ace. (actually there were 4 jaw drops).

That’s when things got nasty. He made a lunge for the pack of cards in my hand. But this wasn’t my first rodeo. He didn’t even get close. But I said to him. “Do you do magic?”


How would you like it if you did a trick and someone tried to pull the cards out of your hand?

But I just wanted to see if it was a regular deck of cards.

These are my cards. I let you take any card.

At this point his grandmother piped up. “Are you listening to her? Listen to what the lady is saying!”

Yes, but my friends would grab the deck.

I said, “If you want to do magic you have to establish some authority. These are your cards your props and no one touches them unless you invite them to. You don’t say it in words but your manner should tell them and you have to learn how to do that. And above all don’t say ‘Here I have an ordinary deck of cards’ You’d  be putting the idea in their heads that there is such a thing as an un-ordinary deck of cards.” He gave it some thought. He ended up getting amongst other things, not the 4  Ace Trick, but the 26 Ace Trick!


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