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The Creators of Magic

You may be a magician. You may be an excellent magican and a great performer, but you should pause now again to see whose shoulders you are standing on. Someone had to create the magic that you do. You had to buy the props, or make them. Even if you make them yourself, did you create it, or did you see it in a book or video and get the idea there?

If you had an idea, like, how can I walk through a brick wall and then make it happen, you are a creator. Some people know what they want to do but don’t know how to go about doing it. They go to people who do know. It may be costly but there are people that can do it.

When we started out in the magic shop, where we sell the magic that people created and built, we travelled a lot. I remember Phil and I visited Steve Dusheck and his wife, in Hazelton , Pennsylvania near Three Mile Island and spent time with him at his home. He had invented so much stuff. I asked him how he thought of all that and his answer was, “Are you kidding? Every morning I wake up with a million new ideas. I just don’t have the time to do them all.” It takes a special brain.

Many years ago a kid came into our shop and showed us a few tricks he came up with. He lived around the corner of the shop at that time. He blew us away. He wanted to sell them to us, but I said I would never be able to demonstrate it. This was before VHS or DVD’s. He said, “Let me teach you.”  In five minutes I knew how to do it and sold lots of them. It was called HOLLOW. hollow2-thumb.jpgYou punched a hole in a card and  move that hole around.  Then he came out with Hollow 2. He also came out with Nicotine, which was also fabulous. His name is Menny Lindenfeld.

tru2Recently Menny came out with Tru involving a rubber band. You may want to look at it, especially if you are into  rubber bands. I put him high up on my list of creators.

He also came out with the Self-Bending Paper Clip which was a big hit as well as other stuff. Check it out!

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