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So What’s With Magic Downloads

dvjohnnythomset-full copyWe’ve been advertising Magic Downloads since January. It is exciting and you who are savvy are taking advantage of it. I, who am not computer savvy, would shy away from it but I would be making a mistake. Many people stepped in gingerly testing the waters so to speak, ordering 1 DVD download to see what its about, and now are ordering a few every week.

A download is the same as the DVD except that you get it though the internet. No shipping charges. The prices are the same as in the U.S.A. and they don’t take up space on your shelves. Sometimes the downloads have more than the DVD’s. There is a wide selection and the prices are less than the hard copies. Sometimes much less. And there are download promotions. Last week there was an offer for a live lecture by Michael Ammar, no less, for $1.00, regularly the download is $24.95. How could you go wrong? Quite a few people took advantage of it. This week there’s a promo for Johnny Thompson’s Commercial set of 4 DVD’s for $39.95  . That sale ends February 28. 2014, but keep on the look out for new ones. You can check for promos on the Browse Categories on the left side of our home page or go to the blue Navigation Bar at the top of the page and click on Downloads and you can choose either a complete list or a list with photos.

And not only DVD’s. There are downloads of books as well.

Any questions and we will be happy to answer.

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Kudos to David Acer and His Comedy Magic Show

As I wrote on the Perfect Magic Facebook, too bad for you if you didn’t go to the Comedy Nest in Montreal last Sunday night. For us, Phil and I, it was like old home week and brought back warm and pleasant memories of Magie Montréal. We had tried to phone Mephisto, aka Wym Vermeys, who was our partner in that venture but couldn’t reach him. He called the day after the show and said he was in Florida. He was heartbroken that he missed it.

evy1David was terrific as the MC. He did many funny bits, which I know all who were there will use, magicians or not! He didn’t do any magic but some good comic mind reading stuff.

Michel Huot, who most Montrealers in the magic world know, and magicians thoughout the world know for his marketed tricks Dirty Pool, Wind of Change, etc and for his published articles in Genii, Magic, Norther Peeks, etc, was terrific as usual, and finished with a great card sword routine.

Raphael DiCaprio, who you must have seen if you’ve been to Montreal or Quebec City in the summer time as he is a top notch street performer. We’ve seen him many times and he sure knows how to attract a crowd. This is the first time we saw him on stage and he did not disappoint. He ended with a vanishing bottle of beer in a paper bag, which I have seen many times, but not like this. I’m sure he fooled all the magicians in the audience as well.

Alain Choquette was his usual charming self. Fun and magic! He did a trick with all the members of the audience. We all had cards at the table and followed his instructions and came out with the most unbelievable ending. I have to know how that was done, since everyone was using different numbers, etc and we all ended with different cards but it was the card we had started out with. I won’t rest until I know the method. Funny part is we saw Alain in Atlantic City years ago and he did that very trick in a night club of one of the casinos, and later he told Phil how he did it, but Phil forgot. Alain, we have to talk! Alain brought a friend of his to the show, Russ Anber, a  well known boxer in Montreal, who also does magic. He killed with a Chop Cup Routine. Bring him around more often Alain.

Then John Carney delighted the audience with his tactics and magic. He had everyone going crazy with his short counting of dollar bills. I assure you everyone’s eyes were glued to his every move, but his magic was impeccable. It remains a mystery.

It was all in all a great evening, and the after show was great chatting with all the people we have known for years, performers and audience alike. I’m sure David will have more of these shows, since the place was jam packed and everyone enjoyed it so much. Be sure to be there next time!


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Magic Videos on Youtube and Reality

Did you ever see something on Youtube that you couldn’t live without? Did you buy it and were you disappointed? It happens. You are not alone. Most of the time people order things they see and either its too hard for them or you have to make things and they don’t want to bother and they are disappointed.

But sometimes, its even better than imagined or seen to be. As I said in a previous post, when I first saw The (W)Hole Deck, I could not believe it and I’ve seen a lot of magic. When I saw it in person, my jaw, as well as everyone else’s jaw that was watching, dropped as well. That first move was unforgettable magic. I actually took the time to learn how do do it to see if an ordinary person could do it and I did. Phil went nuts over the Clarity Box. Now we both like Vapr. It ain’t cheap but that’s okay too, as not every Tom Dick and Harry will spring for it. But it is as good as it looks and will leave everyone wondering!

Heinstien’s Dream, although neither Phil nor I tried it, got great feedback from our customers who brought, just so you know.

If you’ve seen anything that looks too good to be true, you can always ask us. If we know we’ll tell you. We want happy customers!

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Picking the Correct Suit in Magic

So I was sent a sample trick, a rip off of Nick Trost’s “The Deuce You Say” which came out long before most of you were born.  It was a great trick and we sold dozens of them. For those of you who weren’t in magic back then, let me explain what happens.

You show a person a packet of 4 cards and tell them that they are the 4 twos. They see the back of the top card only.  You put the cards in a small envelope and you tell the person to name a suit, any suit. Let’s say he chooses the diamonds. You take out the cards and spread them and lo and behold, only the two of diamonds is face up.

The sample I was sent contained Queens instead of twos. The quality of the cards was not so hot. the trick itself is still great. I showed it to my 8 year old grandson one evening, and he appreciates magic and was impressed. So I taught him the trick and  although he is plays cards and all, I wondered if he know the term suit. He said no. I explained that diamonds are one suit, clubs are another suit, spades…”I got it.” he said and he practiced for a while and then went into the computer room, where Phil was working at something or other. ” Grandpa, would you like to see a magic trick?” he asked.

“Of course”, said Phil

So I listened from the other room as he went though the whole thing and put the cards in the envelope and said to Phil.”Pick a coat, any coat!”

I just had to share that.


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