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Magic is More Than A Hobby

It’s one thing to have an uncle pull a quarter out of your kids nose or ear, it’s quite another thing for a child to live with a magician.

Perhaps you try your new magic on your children or nieces and nephews, to see how they react, which lines get the laughs, etc. You are not only learning from them, but they are learning from you as well, although you may not notice that. Children absorb information like a sponge. Children of magicians are likely to do a magic trick for show and tell. They know how to show, but also know not to “tell”. They’ll use your lines that get a laugh. It’s great for them. As I have mentioned many times, most magicians are shy. Magic is perfect for them. It gives them the opportunity to be in the spotlight, with the spotlight on the magic, not on them, an they get the credit. It builds their self-confidence. They’re popular at gatherings, with friends begging them to do something. They learn to vanish a coin, or do a paddle trick and soon they won’t leave home without it. You know what I’m talking about, you with the deck of cards in your pocket.

I know people who have worked their way through college, doing shows. It’s a source of income, learning, discipline and fun. And there’s a magic community, world wide and in your own home town. Magicians help each other. I’ve seen pros in the shop teaching kids who happened to be here with their parents,  how to vanish a coin, after being amazed by it. I know those kids will practice it and become a star among their peers.

The point is, don’t think of magic as just a few tricks. Think of what it can do for you and your kids. It works wonders, just like magic!

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Magicians Without Borders

Yesterday was so cold I thought no one would come into theMWBordeers copy.png shop, but the shop is full of surprises. Maybe it was because its before Christmas but is was sure busy here. You must have heard about Doctors Without Borders, well yesterday we had a visit from Magicians Without Borders, a non-profit organization founded by Tom Verner and Janet Fredericks. It was a real fun and fascinating day.  These people go around the world spreading magic. What fun that must be. Harry Chaucer  (on the right) was here with a friend. Harry is a magician without borders.

Here are a couple of photos. They’ve been all over the planet entertaining people. The audience seems to be enjoying it.  According to the literature they left me, they have been performing  since 2003 for one million children in many of the most war-torn, difficult places in the world like Haiti, Sudan, Burma, and Bangladesh as well as for veterans in the US.  They came up from Vermont to see us and it was fun and educational.

magicians without borders copy.png

magicians without borders 4 copy.png

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Did You Know This About Magicians?

We learned early in our magic career that most magicians are shy. Are you? One well known magician was brought to our shop about forty years ago, when he was 11 years old, by his grandfather. “Do something for the kid. He’s shy.” said the grandfather. I showed him Mental Photo. That did it. He was hooked. He went on to be a full time magician and inventor of magic tricks. I’m sure most of you have at least one of his tricks or DVDs.

My own grandson, who was a quiet child, not a show-off, not loud, not boisterous and certainly not a performer, but did some magic but not shows, just played around with it a little, was asked by Ozzie Elizoff  if he would be in a magic show he was putting on at the Dollar Theatre in Decarie Square. It was a variety show, there was a professional magician, Joe Culpepper, a juggler, Cam Fleming, Rory Alias who was another young magician, and a comedian. Ozzie was the host.

We were in shock when our grandson said yes. When we got to the theatre on “Show Nite” Phil went back stage with our grandson and said, “Are you nervous?”and he said yes. “That’s good. Every performer is nervous before they go on. You need that adrenaline.. But if they start throwing tomatoes at you, there’s the back door to the lane, so you can escape.”

He performed and did well. We were so proud of him. Now, three years later, he’s still not boisterous, but he’s not shy. He’ a self-confident young man. I’m not saying it was the magic that did it, but it was a start.

I have an idea why shy people like magic. When you’re shy you don’t like all the attention on you. When you do magic the attention is not on you, but on the magic. You get the credit for it, but it’s the magic they are watching.

Do a good job and you’ll get recognition and admiration from others. That builds confidence. Soon you won’t only have confidence when doing magic, but in everything else as well. So if you’re shy or know a kid that’s shy, buy him or her magic that’s age appropriate so they can do it in school for show and tell or in a talent show or just among their friends. You’ll be surprised what a positive outcome that will be. We’ll help you choose the right thing for the right person. We  look forward to hearing from you.

We’d love to hear what magic did for you.


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Holiday Time Is A Magical Time

You can feel it in the air. Nature has added to the atmosphere in Montreal by sending us a white blanket of snow. Lights are twinkling on the trees. To the youngrubik.jpg and young at heart there is wondering as to what to put or find under the tree. Let me help you.

Perfect Magic just received some magic kits, not ordinary magic kits (as though any magic kit would be ordinary) but a RUBIK CUBE Magic Kit from Fantasma. There are a few Rubik Cube sets on the market, one has 50 tricks, but the one we have has 135 tricks.

As our Christmas gift to you, while quantities last, we are selling the kit with 135 tricks at $29.95. (Regular price is should be $49 00.)  You are sure to find something to add to your show or get one for the budding magician in your family, your children, nieces, nephews, friends. It’s something to delight anyone! Buy two or more and the price is discounted even more.

We got a deal on it and are passing it on to you. Order now while quantities last.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank you all again for your good wishes for my good health and for your support for Perfect Magic. We wouldn’t be here without you.


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