Magic Nostalgia

We needed a picture frame and I knew we had some in the locker of our condo so we brought up a box marked “Photos, frames, etc.” We haven’t looked at in in ten years. So of course I got involved with the photos. I came across one of Magic Tom at Piazza  Tomasso where he was the house magician for children’s parties for many years. Robbie & Michael with Magic Tom at Piassa TommassoThe taller of the two boys is my nephew, whose party it was, and he is well into his fifties now, and the smaller child is my son Michael, also in his fifties. This was before we even thought about going into the magic business.

It got me thinking about Tom and what he did for magic and for us. He donated a large Trophy to Magic Montreal, and a smaller one for the winner of the Magie Montreal Trophy which was awarded every year at our Magic Convention. Richard Sanders was the first one to win it. Every winner has a place  with his name engraved on it on the big Trophy which can be seen in our shop. We gave out other awards too. This should bring back a few memories if you were there.




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2 responses to “Magic Nostalgia

  1. Since I didn’t meet Evy and Phil until the mid to late 1990s, it’s fun for me to see these early photos of Phil! Magic is a wonderful art, but I’ve learned over the past 20 years as a collector and (complete) amateur that it’s the PEOPLE involved in the world of magic who are the best part of our art. It is VERY rare that I meet someone in the magic community who I don’t take a liking to. “Magic” people tend to be really nice people in my experience.

    On that note, I would like to point out that today is Phil Matlin’s birthday. Evy and Phil are some of the nicest people I have met in my 50+ years on this planet. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHIL!! Enjoy your special day and I wish you many many more “happy birthdays” to come!



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