It’s Not A Magic Shop

Yesterday a young lady and her adorable five year old son came into our shop. She introduced herself as a high school friend of my daughter and was thrilled that she recognized us immediately. As we were chatting, her son shouted “This is NOT a magic shop!” and stomped out of the shop. His mother went after him and dragged him back in insisting it was a magic shop over his protests.

When he came back in I tried to show him a trick. “I don’t want to see that!” He was defiant and could not be convinced that this was a magic shop.

Then his mom asked if I had a magic hat. I took a Folding Top Hat out of the box. Of course it was flat and he gave me instructions to pop it open. I put it on his head. It was a tad too big but it was fine with him. He calmed down a little.

“What else do you want?” I asked him.

“Gloves, a cape and a wand,” he replied.

I pulled a wand off the shelf and asked, “Like this?”


Then I continued.”You know, most magicians have wands something like this. Black with white tips. I prefer red with white tips.” and watched as his jaw dropped to the floor and his eyes widened as the wand turned red.

“How did that happen?”


“But how?”

“I can’t tell you, but if you buy the trick it comes with instructions.” (You have to teach them early).

“I want it.”

So after a few more purchases I prepared the invoice and chatted with his mom. He sat in a chair and his mother said, “Okay, get ready to go.” He didn’t want to leave.He was staying here. His mother coaxed him out with the bag of tricks.

I said to him, “One thing you have to know. If your friends ask you how….” “I know, I know! A magician never reveals the secret!” was his reply.” “One more question before you leave. Is this a magic shop?”

“Yes, this is a magic shop!”

“Thank you, you made me very happy!” I smile every time I think of him.





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