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March and Magic

March is a great month. Kids have March break and what could be better to an eager budding magician than spending time in a magic shop, especially if they’ve never been to one before.

Ours is not a sleek or elegant shop. We did away with glass counters 10 years ago, as a matter of fact there are no counters at all. Everything is up close and personal! And its an old building, and we have old furniture, so it sort of fits in with us!

So I have to smile to myself when I hear kids and sometimes adults say, “Wow! This is the best store ever!

This is a little warning to you guys and gals who have grown up with us. Watch your backs! There’s a whole new generation of magicians coming up, they’re cute, they’re savvy and some of them are serious, but I mean serious.

I was telling one of them that everyone who ever worked for us did well in the magic or entertainment business, like David Acer, Ted Outerbridge, Spidey, and Barry Julien, all worked for us as demonstrators when they were young. David started at 14. The kid wanted to know if he could work for us when he gets to be 14. I smiled. Who knows. Why not? We just have to live long enough!



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