Mark your calendars NOVEMBER 2ND FROM 10AM TO 1PM. 2019


We’re celebrating Guy Day. Yes we are having a special event at Perfect Magic and invite you to to be there. We are honouring Guy Camirand of the Camirand AcadeIMG_0129.jpgmy of Magic. Many of you were his students of magic and he would be thrilled to see you. Many of you may have purchased the excellent products that he and Gary Ouellet created. Guy said he is bringing a surprise, something new that should be of interest to you, but he didn’t tell me what it is.

Bring your kids with you and get them started in magic. I’m sure they’ll be entertained.

We’re having a STOREWIDE SALE for the occasion, so be sure to be here on this coming Saturday NOVEMBER 2nd from 10:00am to 1:00pm 2019   We look forward to seeing you.

Marquez vos calendriers le 2 novembre de 10h à 13h 2019

Nous célébrons Guy Day. Oui, nous organisons en événement spécial chez Magie Parfaite pour Guy Camirand de la Camirand Académie de Magie, et nous vous invitons a soyez la pour lui honorer. Beaucoup d’entre vous siens étudiants de Guy et iIMG_0129.jpgl sera ravi de vous voir. Beaucoup d’entre vous peut-être acheté l’excellents produits que lui et Gary Ouellet ont crées. Guy m’a dit qu’il a une surprise, quelque chose de nouveau. Cela devrait vous intéresser, mais il ne me dit pas ce que c’était.

Amenez vos enfants avec vous et lancez-les dans la magie. Je suis sur qu’ils seront divertis.

Nous organisons une GRAND VENTE dans tout le magasin pour l’occasion, alors assurez-vous d’être ici samedi prochain, le 2ieme novembre de 10h a 13h 2019 Nous avons hate de vous voir.


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4 responses to “GUY DAY

  1. Benoit P

    Bonjour, Hello,

    Is this event for everyone, I mean even if Guy Camirand does not know me at all, can I be there ? I am a magic hobbyist for many years remembering meeting Guy at Magie Montreal in the ’90 when I bought one of his book and some of Camirand Academy tricks/pamplet. At the time it was a great moment for me since it was my very first convention ! I am just asking since I dont want to be intrusive if ever this event is really just for known magician/people of Guy.




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