Phil Matlin vs Julius Caesar


julius caesar 1Pianist-comic-cartoons--Stock-Vector-piano-playing

Gladiators in the arena, or in other words, there’s no business like show business.

If you’ve  been to the Perfect Magic Facebook site, then you know that Phil has a few gigs  playing piano for the Cote St. Luc Library on the first Tuesday of the summer months. A piano had been donated to Cote St Luc and it went to Rembrandt Park and was inaugurated by none other than Oliver Jones. The media was there, as well as the politicians and it was a big deal.

The first Tuesday of June came along. We had our plans but nature had other plans. There was a storm the night before and the tarpaulin didn’t do its job and the piano was ruined. But in the tradition of show business, the show went on. Some folks from the library came to our condo and carried down Phil’s electric keyboard and speaker and whatever else and he played. It was not his best show, a little trouble with equipment, and whatnot, but people came over after and said they enjoyed it thoroughly. The other day in the elevator, a lady said to Phil, “You’re the piano player. It was so wonderful.” and he said “If you enjoyed it I’ll be there again this Tuesday.”

Did I mention the park managed to secure another real piano? Phil hasn’t even had the chance to try it out as it was supposed to be tuned yesterday. In any case, as I write this, we get an email that the Shakespeare in the Park troupe has a dress rehearsal of Julius Caesar at Rembrandt park at the very time that Phil is booked. They rehearsed there on Saturday and I saw them and heard them as I took my grandchildren there to play. They are loud and have drums that are also loud.

Phil said he’s going anyway. It’s been advertised by the library and we have notices in the building and we know people are coming. So it’s Phil Matlin vs Julius Caesar. The outcome will unravel tonight and by tomorrow when this post is complete you will know the outcome. ***

Now it’s tomorrow and my gladiator won. Actually the troupe was extremely co-operative. They agreed not to use the microphones and it made all the difference. Phil gave them one of his CD’s as a token of his appreciation. It’s good when everyone gets along and makes peace instead of war.


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2 responses to “Phil Matlin vs Julius Caesar

  1. A very Canadian resolution to the conflict – no law suits, no blazing guns, just a sensible compromise 🙂


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