One of the highlights of our Magie Montreal convention was Sunday evening after it was all over.

We did our share of going to out of town conventions as magic dealers and we found that Sunday night was always a let down, as you would be alone in your suite in a strange city after the high of the convention. You were exhausted from packing and there was not much to do.  To combat this, after every convention we used to invite all the magic dealers and performers from out of town to our home for supper and to chew the fat so to speak. We ordered platters from the Brown Derby, a famous deli, no longer in existence, in the Van Horne Shopping Center, corner Victoria. We miss it as it was half a block form our shop.

It was great fun. Usually Phil played piano and everyone sang, danced, ate and joked around.

Fantasio at Magie Montreal

I remembered one cold rainy Sunday after one of our conventions all the dealers and performers were at our house. We always announced that there was one rule. No smoking in the house. At that time we lived in an upstairs duplex. Who ever wanted to smoke put on their coats and stood on the balcony and smoked.

As we sat around telling stories Fantasio said, “You know, last week, before I came here I was called to Monaco to do a Command Performance for Prince Rainier and his guests. After the show Prince Rainier invited me to the drawing room and the two of us sat and chatted and drank fine Brandy and smoked fine cigars. My point is that I could smoke in Prince Rainier’s palace but in Phil Matlin’s upper duplex I have to go out on a tiny balcony with 15 other people in the cold and rain to have a cigarette.”

I still laugh just thinking about it.


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2 responses to “NO SMOKING PART 2

  1. Joan O.

    Thank goodness that the balcony didn’t collapse with Fantasio and friends getting their fix. I remember worrying about it at the time. lol Joan


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