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Magic Dealers at Magie Montreal 1988-89

Sometimes to get inspiration for a topic I look at old photos. I randomly picked up the year 1989, but I had lost those programs. Denise Tesher was kind enough to find me a copy but there was no cover, so I wasn’t sure of the year. Which was which? I went through the 2  years and thought what a gold mine we had then. These were  not guys that sat in their basement and invented a trick and put it on the internet. These guys were performers and entertainers. We knew them personally. Unfortunately, many have since died, some much to early, but at least we have memories and somehow they must in some way have influenced out lives. There was Hank Moorehouse for Abbott’s Magic, Al Cohen for Al’s Magic Shop, Bob Little  for Guaranteed Magic, Hank Lee for Hank Lee’s Magic Factory, Al Goshman for Magic By Gosh, Paul Diamond for Paul Diamond Magic, Pavel for Pavel’s Top Magic, and Marilyn for Hans Zahn Videonics…and of course there was also Perfect Magic…so take a look.


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When someone says “Magician” we conjure up an image of sorts. You might think of one image. I would think Dante, Houdini, Blackstone …..and the like. A little goatee, a top hat…all the regular things associated with magicians. Pavel to me was such an ordinary guy, a good natured brotherly type with no airs about him. If you didn’t know him and someone asked you what they thought he did for a living, I’m sure magician would be last on the list. And yet….he was an extraordinary magician.

He had such a casual air about him and then he’d knock the socks off you. He came to Magie Montreal, the annual Magic Convention produced by Phil Matlin of Perfect Magic and Wim Vermeys of Mephisto Canada in 1991. He was a hit. We were excited to have him. It was the first time I saw him perform and his Walking Knot blew me away. I can’t believe it was 20 years ago. I see it in my mind’s eye as though it were yesterday. Sadly, he died a few weeks ago. We had just contacted him a few weeks before his death and purchased some Walking Knots. He seemed fine. It was a big loss. Going through the photos from Magie Montreal’s past, I came across these and thought you might enjoy them as much as I did.

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