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Who’s Who in Magic!

I clicked onto Canada’s Magic the other morning and saw the subject matter was “The top 100 notable Montrealers”. It didn’t say “The top 100 notable Montrealers in magic”, so my first thought was “What does this have to do with magic..Later in the article it says, like some mind readers might do,  that the reader must be wondering why they bring that up. What does that have to do with magic?

Then I thought there must be a magician in the list. The most popular magician I could think of in Montreal today is Luc Langevin. Almost everyone who walks into the shop asks for a trick they saw Luc Langevin do on TV. But as popular as he is, would it be possible for him to be among the 100 top notables?

And then I read on. This was an article from the Gazette that Canada Magic was referring to and it was from the year 1999. That was 13 years ago. Luc must have been about 16 years old. He was doing magic then, but he was not a household name yet. So who was it. You guessed right. It was “Magic Tom” Auburn. Tom died on January 3, 199o. Nine years after his death he makes the list.  That’s impressive.

Here’s a photo of Magic Tom few have seen. Do you know who the others are? Does it bring back a memory or two?

Can YOU name all three?


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