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Magicians and Their International Link

Talk about close knit groups and you have to include magicians. They can be at the other end of the world and speak a language that is foreign to your ears, even if its in English, and the connection is still there. I logged onto Canada’s Magic this morning and they had a Youtube of a CTV Report of New Zealand’s 31 Magic Convention and my mind went  back to a time when Tony and Mary Wilson of New Zealand were here. They stayed at our  home for a few days and we drove to Quebec City together to go to the IBM National Convention. Remember that? I thought her name was Miri, until I asked her how it was spelled, as we sat at the Vieux Port in Old Montreal and Phil recommended the lamb chops to Tony and then said how sorry he was, as they are famous for sheep raising in New Zealand and perhaps he’d like to try something else. But Tony insisted that the best meat is exported and he was eager to try it here and was not disappointed. We had a lot of fun with them.

Our own Shawn Farquar was over there as well. He is such a busy guy these days and he is doing what he loves and what he is great at. Kudos to you Shawn.

I thought you might enjoy the clip from New Zealand. I did.

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