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David Ben “Tacit Knowledge” Secrets of Magic

Yesterday one of the magicians that came into the shop asked me how my week-end was. I had to think. Week-end? It was a blur. I laughed and told him my two grandchild, age 7 and 5, had a sleep over at my home and it was hectic. We spent a good time of it making balloon animals. He didn’t say anything, but just looked at me for a while. I didn’t say anything either as I didn’t want to bore him with stories about my grandchildren. He finally spoke. “I wish my grandmother would have been a magician.”

I assure everyone I am not a magician, not even close, but I know a few tricks after being in the business for over 35 years. My grandson does do magic. He was asked to do a magic trick for his class, in French, and he did it so well his teacher asked him to go to the other classes and do it for them too.We have chats about magic, he and I, about magic, real magic, magic secrets, the performance of magic, etc. so when I read David Ben’s article on the passing on of secrets from generation to generation, whether it be magic, winemaking, or cooking, it gave me cause for pause. I mentioned the article on facebook, but if you didn’t catch it then you might enjoy reading it. http://luminatofestival.com/pages/light-news/may-29th-david-ben/

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Luminato, a Festival in Toronto with Great Magic Plus!

I received a telephone call from Annie Dang on Monday asking if I would help publicize Luminato,  a Festival  that is being put on in Toronto. I thought you might like to know about it, so here’s the email I received and if anyone attends the festival, I’d love your feedback.

Hi Evelyn,

 Luminato is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to showcasing the best of Canada and the best of the world in one place, and at one time, every year.

Thank you so much again for your generous support!

 Here is a bit more information about our magic shows in this year’s festival:

 Natural Magick

June 10-16 | Tarragon Theatre

Sleight-of-hand, music and images combine to take you on a magical journey to the highest reaches of illusion.


June 17-18 | Winter Garden Theatre

Comedy, pantomime, and magic combine in one glorious night of pure entertainment featuring the talents of: The Great Tomsoni and Company, Gaëtan Bloom, Tina Lenert, Ardan James, and Mike Caveney.


Alex Lumsden is our social media specialist, and he will be in touch with you about facebook/twitter posts.


Thank you very much again, Evelyn!

Wish you all the best!




Annie Dang
Marketing Communications Intern
 416-368-3100, ext.256
F: 416-368-4010

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