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Magicians, Beware!

If I asked someone what his profession or occupation was and they told me they were stunt men or sky divers or boxers, I could understand that they might encounter some rough days, some accidents, some bruises. But a magician doing walk around or close-up magic? It’s a stretch…

One of our customers, Vincent Pimpare, came into our magic shop last week to stock up on supplies. I told him I wouldn’t use his name, but I’d like to tell his story. He told me to go right ahead and use his name. He didn’t mind at all. We’ve known Vincent a long time; he’s polite, considerate and a good guy. I couldn’t help but notice he had some bruises under and around his eye. Black eye? Sort of. I didn’t want to embarrass him so I didn’t ask any questions, but somehow the subject of his black eye came up. He was at a party on New Years. It was at a bar. Everyone was partying and having fun, Vincent was doing magic and some guy was jealous that he was showing his girlfriend some tricks and she was really enjoying it and  perhaps this guy had a little too much to drink. Instead of telling him to stop, he punched him in the face. Phil asked if he punched him back. He said, No, I’m not like that… And he’s not.

While on the subject of punches in the eye… Phil and I were at a Ragtime Festival; much like a magic convention, only instead of watching magicians we listen to and watch musicians. Not only that, there is a booth and they sell their CD’s.  Everyone’s CD’s are at one booth and I used to help them out with the sales. It reminded me of all the Magic Conventions we used to go to. I had this tremendous urge to say, “Would you like to see a magic trick?” But I digress. Phil used to help then out too. He would MC, introducing the various musicians and bands. One evening all the musicians were in the dining room finishing their dinner, when Phil got up from the table, saying he had to prepare for the evening show. I stayed seated with the others people at the table, and then I decided to go with Phil and keep him company. But at the very moment that I turned around and stood up, Phil decided to take a cake or roll with him to the show room. So his closed fist came into contact with my left eye and everyone said they’d be my witness. I ended up in the hospital in 1000 Islands (where the Festival was) as I was seeing flashing lights. Luckily there was no damage and we were back at the festival within an hour.

I guess the short and long of it is….you never know, magician or musician where that rogue punch will come from. There’s danger everywhere!


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