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Magic in Montreal Gets a Big Boost

There was a time, a few moons ago, that there were Magic Conventions in Montreal, once or twice a year. At Magie Montreal there was a lot of magic of course, but more than that was the comraderie and we haven’t  had that in a long time. Our last Convention was in 1998. CAM (The Canadian  Association of  Magicians) had one one the South Shore a few years ago. There is also a Festival in Quebec  City.  But in Montreal it’s been quiet. We miss it. It’s just too much work and too expensive. But at the Comedy Nest at the Old Forum, a few months ago, David Acer took a  chance and decided to make one Sunday night a magic night. It turned out there was standing room only. It was such fun. And the after show was great too. The magicans hung in there and chatted away. It was like old times.

If you missed it you get a second chance. SUNDAY JUNE 1st, at 8:00pm The Comedy Nest is having another magic night.  It should be a blast. Jonathan Burns, Richard Sanders, Romaine, and Angelo the Amazing Food Magician will be performing. We’ll be there! Will you? The Comedy Nest is not a big place so put your reservation in now if you intend to go. Otherwise you may be disappointed.

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A Magic Show? Stand-Up Comedy? Just plain old entertainment!

So as I said on my Facebook earlier in the  week, we (Phil & I) went to the Comedy Nest at the old Montreal Forum to see Richard Sanders who was performing there last week-end. Plans to go there were conceived at our auction the other week, when we found out David Acer is now a co-owner of the Comedy Nest. Denise & Stan Teshser (also a  magician) who were at the auction ( not only were they at the auction, but Stan worked his butt off, bagging the items in the right place as people acquired them. NO mean task, I assure you, as I stood and watched!) and are our dear friends, (who else would work so hard for nothing except dear friends?), asked us if we would like to go. We set a date, they came into town, we went out for dinner and during the course of dinner we found out that neither Stan nor Denise has ever been to a comedy club. Stan doesn’t like stand-up comedians. Comedy clubs weren’t around when we were teen-agers. We used to go to night clubs and sometimes there was a comedian as a act but to have one after another was unheard of.

But being a magician and knowing Richard Sanders is a magician, he wanted to go. He figured, I suppose, that he would see a comedy magie act. There was a comedy M.C . and 2 acts before Richard. I will only talk about Richard because we are talking magic here, although we enjoyed them all but Richard was the Star! Let me tell you this. Stan and Denise did a whole lot of laughing, as did Phil and I. Richard did magic, which was impeccable, but so well disguised in his comedy that I’m sure people didn’t walk out and say we saw a magic show or even that we saw a magician. He sort of sneaked it in. His interaction with the audience was fabulous and funny. He didn’t put anyone down, or use foul language, that I can remember, and when it was over I had the distinct feeling that he could easily do that kind of show in Las Vegas. Phil felt the same way. And I don’t think that’s the last comedy show that Stan and Denise will go to. We just laughed ourselves silly!

We wish David every success. Keep on getting that calibre act and its a shoe in!


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Super Stars David Acer and Richard Sanders

We had a special visitor in the magic shop today.  I’ve written a few blogs about my 5 year old grandson who is into magic. His mother dropped him off at the shop today as he is between day care and kindergarten. We volunteered to look after him. He  became fascinated with the bang gun, joy buzzer and the magic light bulb and was practicing them ardently when who should walk into the store? David Acer  and Richard Sanders. I introduced them to my grandson and in less than a minute he asked Richard if he wanted to see some magic. How could Richard say no to that? So he showed him the light bulb which lit up in his hand.

“You wanna try?” asked my grandson.

” Oh, I could do that.” said Richard. He took the light bulb in his hand and squeezed it but nothing happened. He looked at the kid and said, How did you do that? and the kid took back the light and make it light up again. Richard said, now I know how and took it back and tried with all his might but the light wouldn’t go on. The kid was killing himself laughing. This continued for a long time with the kid just roaring. Richard finally gave up so he went to David. You wanna try, he asked. David said, Oh , I can do that. He took the bulb and tried, but no luck. The kid just had the most marvelous time fooling these guys, who anyone could see were trying their very hardest to light that  light. They went through all the theatrics

When all was said and done, they left and I said to my grandson. “You know, those guys are famous magicians and comedians. One has his own T.V. Show,” and I showed him the autographed photo of David in a shot from Mystery Hunters. And I told him he wrote books, and that Richard has made DVD’s, which I showed him. And what does the kid say to me? Really? I said yes, really. And he said. Hmmm, and they didn’t even know that trick! And I said, Maybe they’re not so great after all. And he said, Maybe not.

Phil and I were killing ourselves after for not taping it.


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Grandmas and Grandpas and Magic Part 1.

It’s sometimes hard to connect with kids these days. They’re into video games, DVD’s and other new age stuff. It’s also hard to compete with Spider Man and Dora.What you need is magic! What age is a good age to start?

I started my grandson at 2 ½. He was thrilled with Appearing Flower and knew just when to say tadahGeorge Schindler, the dean of the Society of American Magicians, was so impressed with his performance he sent him a Appearing Bouquet as a gift! He’s 4 ½ now and his eyes still light up every time he sees a magic trick! He performed one for Show and Tell at day care. He told me he showed but he didn’t tell.

My first memory of a grandparent bringing his grandson to the magic shop goes back about 30 years. The boy was about 11 years old, I think, and his grandfather said, “The boy is shy. Do something for him!” It was an order and a plea. I showed him a trick and his face lit up. His grandfather bought him a couple of things. And just where is he today?

Richard Sanders He is a professional magician par excellence and creator of some of the greatest magic effects to hit the market. Go to his home page and click on about us to get his full credentials. He blames me for getting him into this, as I blew him away with the Mental Photo Deck and he claims that’s what did it.  I blame his grandfather.

Photo of Richard Sanders receiving the Tom Auburn Award from Tom Auburn in 1981 at Magie Montreal.

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