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Levitations Then and Now

Back in the days, as they say, it started with string and scotch tape. That was levitation then. How could I publicize such secrets? There are no secrets anymore. Ask Mit Romney, Kate Middleton,  and Prince Harry. I’m not talking about levitating a person, or other heavy objects, but something light…like a dollar bill. A real big leap was from scotch tape to wax. To me Fearson’s Floating Bill was superb. But as you all know it didn’t stop there. I don’t remember the order, but the Floating Rose, which I saw David Copperfield perform in person at the Place des Arts, the Hummer Card, ITR’s of every size and shape came onto the market.Then came the Tarantula. That was the top… for magic dealers and performers as well.

This was a best seller. We’ve had hits like that before. There was Cardtoon, which is not a levitation, but a such a delightful card trick and is still a best seller. Also the Raven, which we ordered by the case at its heyday. And there were others as well. But with Tarantula, it was the price. And they were selling like Svengali Decks, which is still a top seller. Yigal Mesika put out a fantastic item and those who took the trouble  to learn it properly got their money’s worth. Now Yigal has another effect. I watched him perform it and its lookin’ good. If you bought the Spider Pen, or if you didn’t, take a look at the Spider Pen Pro. That’s his latest and I’m sure he has another hit. That’s levitation now! We’ve come a long way, baby!


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