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Children’s Magic Shows and Magic for Children.

I often have people come into the shop or phone asking for magic for children. My question, which always seems to stump them is “Who is doing the magic?”.

Its a simple question but it takes a moment for them to get their head around it. Then they will say, “Oh, its for me to do for them.”  or  “It’s for them to do.” or  ” It’s for me to do for them and maybe teach them how to do it.” or “It’s for a show for children.” Big difference. If you’re doing shows for kids, whether you’re a magician or a clown, the key word is visual.

You can and unless you’re a mime, should, attach a story to it. I notice that most kids are attentive. When my  grandson, age 7, had a party and Mad Science was there he spoke about complicated stuff and they listened and watched, as did the adults, with complete fascination.

For kids to do, there’s a whole bunch of stuff, like Appearing Flower, the Magic Coin Slide, Ball & Vase, Magical Block, and many more well within the ability of most 4 year olds. And they are also excellent for grandparents to do for their grandkids and even teach them how.

If you  are doing special events, Christmas shows, birthday parties, school shows,  etc. its a whole different story. I’d take a lesson from Bobo’s DVD.  Although most magicians know him for his Coin Magic (Modern Coin Magic), he was also a famous kid show performer. I did a whole blog on him. He did thousands of school shows.

If you are doing shows for young kids, 3, 4,and 5 year olds, 5 Minutes With A Pocket Handkerchief is a must. There are many options and the list is not complete. We are working on improving our catagories to make your life simpler when searching for something.

The latest thing to come in is Multiplying Pringles (Potato Chips). Multiplying Bottles has been a classic, but it is done with Champagne bottles and for the longest time kid show performers have been asking for an effect like that but for kids. I’m happy to say that it is now available and  in stock.  There is also Passe Passe Pringles and additional Pringle tubes available. Check it out.

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Clowning Around With Magic

When I was a kid my parents always took us to the Circus. Unlike today’s circus, it was full of lions and tigers and bears and horses and elephants and dogs. It was usually at the old Forum in Montreal, famous for its Hockey Games with the Montreal Canadians in their heday. I’m going back to the days of Rocket Richard, Guy Lafleur, Floyd Currie and Dickie Moore to name a few, but I digress. The thing about the circus was there were two things that made me nervous, the guy being shot out a cannon and the clowns.

Funny thing is, one of my favorite tricks in the magic shop is Card-toon, especially Card-toon 2, whereby the spectator names any card which is then located face up and removed from the deck and placed on the table so that we remember the chosen card. Then the magician shows his audience the back of the cards, which has a cartoon drawing of a little stick man with  a deck of cards at the circus. The magician tells the audience that he didn’t mix the deck because each back has a slightly different picture and by his flipping the cards they will see an amination. As the magician flips though the deck the spectators see a little stick man climbing into a cannon, lighting the cannon, and then he goes flying into the air with his cards flying all over. He manages to grab one of them and turns it over and guess what! Its the same card as the one on the table that the spectator chose. I much prefer this delightful little effect than the terrifying one at the circus.

If I was nervous about the clowns, its because they weren’t like the two charming young ladies that were here today. I know I would not be afraid of them as they were so sweet and thoughtful. They bought a lot of magic stuff, but not before they figured exactly where it would fit into their shows. They were studying theatre arts. They are working clowns and do well, and I can see why. I guess clowns don’t have to be scary.

Many years ago Phil did a lecture for Clowns Canada in New Brunswick and it was a real hit. Many of the clowns had never thought of using magic in their act. He still  has some lecture notes on the subject, Clowning Around With Magic . It is informative and deals with stage clowns, birthday party clowns and walk around clowns and how and what is suitable for each one. Check it out! By the way, Clowns Canada is having a Clowns Canada Carnavale 2013, September 27 and 28th in Mississauga, Ontario.

And then there are the magicians that do a lot of clowning, but that’s another story!


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Get Them Screaming Over Magic

It’s over 35 years ago that Phil & I opened Perfect Magic. Like everything else there are fads in magic. One day a certain trick is all the rage and then another takes it place, and then another. Sometimes they don’t die or lose popularity. We used to buy Card-Toon by the gross. It’s still a wonderful trick and we still sell them on a regular basis. The appeal of the effect cannot be denied. It is charming and so clever.

The Svengali is still our biggest seller. To a novice its a miracle. The same could be said for most of the trick decks. I got Richard Sanders hooked on magic when he was 11 years old with the Mental Photo Deck. These are classics. I’m still doing those same tricks and when they ask if they could possibly do them I tell them if an old lady like me can do it, surely you can do it, too. They figure that’s true.

One kids’ effect was popular back when we started. Remember Run Rabbit Run?  This effect actually gets the kids screaming on the top of their lungs.

Run Rabbit Run ED

The prop is about 22 inches long and 9 ” high.  There are four doors that open, 2 in front and 2 in  back and they are all opened so you can see right through them. The magician closes the doors and drops a rabbit behind one of the doors into the rabbit  hutch. He tells the kids the rabbit is supposed to stay in the hutch but if he manages to sneak out they should let him know. When the rabbit sneaks out the kids go wild. He runs from one hutch to the other but the magician never manages to see him and the kids are screaming. Then he runs back and the kids scream again. Whenever he opens the door the rabbit is still there. Then he peeks out the side. The kids scream and yell.  In the end all four doors are opened and the rabbit is gone, to wherever the magician wants him to be.

Why I am telling you about this all of a sudden? One of our customers ordered it the other day and I didn’t know if it was still around. Another dealer had put out a version of it with a Cookie Monster and that was very popular until he got a letter telling him he didn’t have the rights. That was years ago. After that I hadn’t heard about it until now. I ordered it and it was exactly like the original and I remembered what a great trick it was and how the kids loved it. If you do kid shows, this is a winner, easy to handle and lends itself to whatever story you want.

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