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What does the name J.B. Bobo mean to you?

One of our customers recently ordered a DVD, Bobo Volume 23 of the Greater Magic Video Library. Our usual suppliers didn’t carry it, so I did some research and found out who had it, and I ordered a few. I always associated the name Bobo with the Bible of coin magic,  Modern Coin Magic, so I though he was a coin man. When I got the DVD’s and saw a photo on the cover with Bobo and his wife doing a kid show I figured I must have ordered the wrong volume. But no, when I read the contents, there was indeed coin magic included; Bobo on Coin Vanishes, Tenkaki Pennies etc. I was glad that I didn’t order the wrong DVD. So I read a little about his history. Many who are familiar with him and his work may know that he was born and worked in Texarkana. He was also a kid show magician. Did you know that he did over 13,000 shows, during his 50 years of performing. At one time he was doing 500 school shows a year, later it went down to  only 300 shows.

The part I found interesting is that as a young child he and his family moved to Ontario, Canada where the family moved around a little. They lived in Chesley, Hanover, Hamilton and Windsor until he was 19 at which point they returned to Texarkana.

What I found more interesting was that he was christened J .B. Bobo as his great-grandfather was a french immigrant whose real name was  Jean Beaubeaux  and the name was anglicized to Bobo.

In any case, it looks like a great DVD. In the first part he does an interview on how to be a successful school show  performer, how to get bookings, what to charge, etc. I guess if anyone knew, it was him. The second part is actually a taped show, where you can see dozens of proven “bits and tricks”. The third part is on coins, which is what my customer bought it for.

By the way, this is my 100th post!


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