Irresistible Magic

The problem with magic if you’re a magician, is that things come out in the marketplace that you think might fit right into your act. You’re tempted but you resist because it might be too expensive for your budget. Now, until the 28th, much of it is irresistible because the price is right, 60% off. That’s a big discount. If you haven’t seen the sale yet go to

It’s a good time to tell your parents or other loved ones that you can save them the trouble of worrying about Christmas gifts and give them a wish list with all the details.’s that for an idea? Another idea might be that you want to buy a gift for someone who is interested in magic. Ultimate Beginner Magic or Greatest Beginner Magic Ever would delight any aspiring magician. They’re both DVDs.  So what are you waiting for? Do your shopping while this fabulous opportunity is here!

Just as an aside, I happy to inform you I was discharged from the hospital on Saturday. I  usually get fever from the chemo and end up in the hospital for a week, but my next session is the last one which is at the end of the month. Then I’m done with all treatments. The operation was a success and these chemo treatments are just to make sure that everything is gone that should be gone.

I  thank all of you who were kind enough to send your positive thoughts and wishes during this time. It seemed it worked. I look forward to seeing you in the shop if you’re in town.

Good health to you all.


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4 responses to “Irresistible Magic

  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful news about your recent discharge from the hospital and how our sending you our good thoughts and positive energy through the ether has likely added to your recovery and return to “the shop.” Bravo Evy! Stay strong and continue to receive our good wishes! 👏🏻✨

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  2. I’m so thrilled to hear that you are feeling well and that you are almost done with treatment Evy!!!

    That news fills my heart with incredible Joy!!
    Much Love,

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  3. Jean-Pierre Du Sault

    Thank you. Always good to read your posts.

    Take care – from Quebec City.


    Jean-Pierre Du Sault LAURÉAT 1ER PRIX ★ MAGIE MONTRÉAL 418. 805. 1111 Note de confidentialité:

    Propriété de l’entité mentionnée ci-dessus, le contenu de ce courriel concerne uniquement le destinataire ou l’entité désignée ci-dessus et peut être confidentiel. Si vous n’êtes pas le destinataire de ce message, il est interdit de divulguer, de distribuer ou de reproduire ce message. Si vous avez reçu ce courriel par erreur, veuillez aviser l’expéditeur immédiatement et détruire le présent courriel. Merci.


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