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The Top of His Magic Game

I usually don’t use this post to advertise, but I  have always been a fan of Paul Gordon; I always thought his packet tricks were terrific. They always had such a punch but for some reason he was not asGold dust Companion.jpgGold dust.jpggold dust finale.jpg

well known as some of the American and Canadian magicians, like Paul Harris or Richard SanQuidnunc.jpgders. Perhaps it was his British accent. Who knows, but I always like him.  I was thrilled to see he came out with not one, not two, not 3 books, but 4 books; Gold Dust, Gold Dust Companion and Gold Dust Finale. http://bit.ly/2B1ixWe. http://bit.ly/2B14S1l, http://bit.ly/2B46cQQ. The fourth one is Quidnunc, which  is not new.  That’s for the book lovers! He is also author of Article 52 which is not available at the moment.

However I know that not everyone loves books or learns easily

Quidnunc Plus

from them, so Quidnunc Plus! which is a two DVD video set by Paul Gordon is also available. So if you find it easier to learn from a DVD, you can still learn some terrific magic from Paul Gordon. Check it Out. http://bit.ly/2G9Jhan

I also happen to have his second book which he wrote in 1998, Protean Card Magic.        WProtean Card Magichatever you choose, you will be adding some excellent and exciting card magic to your repertoire. http://bit.ly/2GaLDpu



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