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Where’s the Weather Magician?

So I got bundled up and was ready to leave for the Magic shop. My heavy duty slush boots were already there, unfortunately, so I looked through my boots at home to see which had the best grip. I hadn’t worn these in a long time but I put them on today. It’s not that cold so I could have worn my lighter winter coat, but I wore the heavy one in case I fell it would have more padding and more protection. pluto iceSince Phil can’t go out in this weather with his broken ankle, I wouldn’t even have him to hang on to. But I was going to the magic shop. I would be careful. I had orders to go out and a shipment coming in. As I am fully clothed with my hand on the door handle, the phone rings. I go back and answer the phone.

“You’re not going out today!” said my son Michael.

“The roads look good.”

“It’s not the roads. It’s the sidewalks. I fell 4 times walking up the street. Do not go out. I don’t need two parents at home with broken bones!”

“I’ll be very careful,” I said, wondering when he became the parent.

I left, rang for the elevator. I got in. No one else was there. I pushed the garage button. It stopped on the second floor. The superintendent, Donald, got in and looked at me and made some kind of comments like I was missing my skates.

“It’s very bad out there. Schools are closed. It’s the worst.” He said it and left after one floor. I had the strangest feeling that he was sent to give me that warning. It reminded me of a joke I had once heard. …

A old man went swimming and was pulled out by the tide. A boat comes by and the man in the boat says, “Come aboard,” and reaches out to help him. “God will save me,” says the old man and refuses to come aboard. A few minutes later a helicopter comes to get him. “God will  save me.” says the old man. The old man drowns. When he gets to heaven he gives God an argument. “Why did you let me drown? I was sure you would save me.” God answers, “I sent you a boat and a helicopter. What else could I do?”

So he had a boat and a helicopter. I had Michael and Donald. I pushed the 7 button and went back home. There was no way I could chance it.

My  apologies if you came and Perfect Magic was closed. Blame Michael and Donald!

P.S. If you need anything, order on line. We’ll look after you.


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