Don’t Let a Great Magic Trick Pass You By

It must have been about 2 years ago, maybe more that I first saw a video of The (W)hole Deck. My jaw dropped, no kidding. I ordered some but never got to try it out as we were leaving for Toronto on our annual trek to visit Romaine and Joan.

(W)hole Deck.jpgWe stopped off to see Jeff Pinsky at his magic shop. I saw that he had some as well. I asked his demonstrator is he would demo it for me. He said he just got it in and he only played with it a little. I said I would really like to see it, as sometimes you see something on a video and its not quite the same in person and up close. He said he would try. A bunch of people gathered around. He performed the trick and all jaws dropped at the same moment. It is so magical that when I went back to Montreal I learned how to do the trick just to make sure it wasn’t too hard to do. If I can do it, anyone can do it, and I did.

Any of you who come to shop at Perfect Magic know that I only recommend what I know to be great and easy. (e.g. Pimpernel Wallet, etc.) But then new things come along and somehow I forgot about it until I saw that my supplier had the red ones on the  no longer available list and there are only a few blue ones left.  I hadn’t had any for some time, so I ordered them. If you didn’t get the (W)hole Deck back then, get it now before it’s too late. I expect them in this morning. Watch the video. That first move is the one that got me. You’ll know it when you see it!

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