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A Note from Montreal Magician Jean-Pierre Parent Who Fooled Penn and Teller

One goes about ones business everyday, doing what they do, but once in a while JP Parent PHotosomething happens to lift your spirits. JP Parent  who fooled Penn and Teller https://youtu.be/_-P4wjAROok took the time to write to me and with his permission I am sharing it with you. This is what he wrote.

“I love your articles you post !
The last one about being in heaven when you walked in the shop was my favorite. Ms Evelyn, you prob would not remember this if I told you ,but you where the first person to perform a magic trick for me in a magic shop.
I’ve never been in one.I had a magic kit and a magic book ,but never walked in a real magic shop!
I was 9 years old when my dad first took me to perfect magic.You performed a prediction involving a silk that had a queen of hearth printed on it. I was sold !
Little by little I was getting more and more interested and wanted to know as much as I could about the art.
Well long story short I got hired for my first cruise ship job at 20years old never looked back. It’s been 20 years this oct!
Since then I was lucky enough to travel the world, got to go on France got talent and fooled Penn and teller.
All this cause one time I walked in a shop with my dad and a sweet lady wanted to show me trick and gave me the bug!
All this to say , you never know what impact you can make on someone, even when he’s only 9 years old 🙂
Thank you so much !
All the best
JP Parent”

Thank you JP. I’m sure everyone enjoys your success and is as proud of you as I am!

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