In A Corner of the Magic Shop

In case you’ve never been to Perfect Magic, or to any magic shop, I invite you to Perfect Magic. It’s not a big shop, but it has a lot in it. You’d be surprised how many magicians have never been to a magic shop. I had some people in from Vermont a few weeks ago, who came especially to see us. They said there is not even one magic shop in all of Vermont.

It’s not big and its not fancy, but one kid came in and said it was the best store in the whole world. Another one, about 13, wanted a trick that was expensive so he called his mother for permission. I think I mentioned this in a previous blog. He said “Mom, I’m at Perfect Magic, otherwise known as heaven…” We had a good laugh. She let him buy it. Just today a young man came in who is studying to be a doctor but is also an entertainer and he said, “This is paradise.”

I said, “So funny you should say that. I just wrote a blog on the subject” and told him what the  kid said. (I inserted his encounter after the blog was completed.)

So I took some photos of a section of the shop. If you want to see more, let me know. I thought you might like to browse through the booksBook shelf 6.pngBook shelf 2.pngBook shelf one.pngBook shelf 5.pngBook shelf 4.pngBook shelf 3.png

On top of the book shelves and beside it, we usually put the newer items.Top of filing cabinet.pngTop shelf magic.png

Hope you enjoy it.



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2 responses to “In A Corner of the Magic Shop

  1. It’s impossible NOT to love Perfect Magic!! ❤️
    The owners are particularly special!! 😉
    Paul Kruse


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