Paul Potassy -A Great Magician – Gone

Paul Potassy was born in Vienna, Austria and died a few weeks ago at age 95. P. Potassy.pngHaving been born in Europe he spoke and performed in 6 languages and performed in 44 different countries, in all kinds of venues, for celebrities and even the Pope.

One day, early in the magic business, maybe 5 years into it, we got a phone call from Paul. We didn’t know him personally, so it was a surprise when he told us he was performing at the Caf-Conc in Montreal and he asked if would we be his guests. Of course we would and I invited him and his wife for dinner and he accepted. It was a wonderful evening. It was just the four of us. We had raclette. How do I remember some 30 odd years ago what we had for dinner. We were in the dining room and the raclette machine got too hot and our beveled mirror over the buffet cracked. Funny the things you remember. We had other stuff of course but I have no idea what else because no other food destroyed our house!

After dinner Paul Potassy.pnghe gave us a private magic show at the table. He was superb with a deck of cards. Then we went to see his show. A class act if there was ever one. But when he asked a member of the audience to choose a card Phil knew he used a Stripper Deck. He came to sit with us after the show. Phil asked him why, after seeing him so skilled with a deck of cards in our home, would he use a Stripper deck. He said, ” When I’m on stage, I don’t want to have to think about the magic, I think about the people.”

I guess he connected with them because they really loved the show, even if he did use a Stripper deck!


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3 responses to “Paul Potassy -A Great Magician – Gone

  1. His DVDs are wonderful and I seem to recall reading his life story years ago and his fascinating it was. In fact (and please correct me if I am wrong), I seem to recall him describing how, once, as a young soldier under fire, having a deck of cards and performing a trick for the enemy actually saved his life!!


  2. I just re-read your original post and was very sad to learn of Paul Potassy’s recent passing. I recall watching his shows on dvd, along with his Puckpocketing moves. I even may have first learned about “put-pocketing” from watching his DVDs. What a wonderful experience at le Caf Coc you two had with him some 30 years ago. Thanks for sharing this tribute to Paul. May he Rest In Peace.

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  3. I believe it. We have a book, The Death Camp Magicians on that very subject. It’s a fascinating book. Phil gave a copy as a gift to our Rabbi who is also a magician.

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