Who Is Your Favorite Magician?

That was the question that a customer asked me today. He shocked me right off the bat, just by coming in on such a hot day. It was the first time he was here and was thrilled to find us. He wasn’t a kid but I could honestly say that he was my favourite audience. He considered whatever I did to be a miracle. He was so enthusiastic it was amazing.

But to get back to his question, I had a really hard time. The one I admire the most, at the risk of hurting anyone’s feelings, is Paul Gertner. download.jpegWhy? If you ever saw him do the Ring on Hourglass you would understand. I don’t know whether I watched his video on how he does it,  or if I attended a lecture he gave on it but the thought and work that went into it is incredible.

I also attended a lecture that Eugene Bueugene-burger.jpgrger he gave for Magie Montreal and I was so impressed by his advice and his performance, not only for magic but for any kind of public appearance.

Those two men are magicians that left a great impression on me. Who do you think is great and why?


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4 responses to “Who Is Your Favorite Magician?

  1. Bob

    Hi Phil .I had the honor to meet Paul at the Daytona beach convention a real Gentle man .Sadly I did not meet Eugene see to be the best .You know you stuff .Keep cool Bob

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    • It wasn’t that Eugene was the best, some people liked him and some mithg not, but the advise he gave was so good, that whether you liked him or not it was worth everything.


  2. Michel Asselin

    That particular lecture left a lasting impression on me. And on those of us went in for a hamburger at Harvey’s later that evening. Eugene – whom I kept calling Mr. Burger and kept insisting on being called Eugene – Very nicely agreed to go for a late night bite. Because … soon after members of the group had given their orders … Or Chris came in and proceeded to dismantle the price or Chris came in and proceeded to dismantle the pricelist behind the counter. And then the displays. And then the neon tubes.

    They had scheduled the Harvey’s for renovations – and they were going ahead.

    Eugene was very Zen about the whole thing.
    (His lecture was great, too.)

    (Which reminds me of the So the Zen Master goes to New York and buys a hotdog from a street vendor. Vendor asks “How do you want it?”
    The Zen Master calmly replies, with a hint of mischief in his eyes: “Make me one… with everything.”

    (Which is the first joke. At this point you should reflect, contemplate, and hopefully enjoy.)

    Basking in his cleverness, the Zen Master then pays with $100 bill and then extends his hand, awaiting for bills and coinage.

    But the greenbacks do not appear in his hand, as the vendor looks away. Puzzled, the Zen Master inquires: “What about my change?”

    The vendor turns his head, tilting it slighty to the side, mischief in his eyes. He looks at the Zen Master as he says:

    “Change… must come from within”.

    (And that was joke #2. No, no, no, please stay seated… I’ll show myself out.)

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  3. What am I missing in the first joke?


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