Mysterion and Steffi-Kay

Perhaps you saw Mysterion and Steffi-Kay on Penn and Teller’s Fool Us the other day.mysterion.jpg

They had many  people in the audience draw any picture on a piece of paper, fold it up and deposit it in a box. Then they emptied all the folded drawings onto the floor of a glass telephone-like booth. Of course you don’t know what a telephone booth is, not this generation anyway. It’s a glass enclosed closet. Mysterion gets in, the door closes and a button is pushed or a switch is turned on and all those drawings go flying. Mysterion is blindfolded of course. He grabs one of the flying drawings as they go whirling around him.

Steffi is not in the box. She is a few feet away from it and she draws a picture, a flower. Mysterion unfolds his chosen drawing and its a flower. They look at other drawings in the booth and each one is different, a house, a box, whatever. So what do you you think? The  box was rigged, the drawings were rigged, the booth was rigged?

Let me tell you something. Not that long ago Mysterion and Steffi were here at Perfect Magic, no booth, no box, no nothing, and other people were here too and they were absolutely amazing. No one could believe what was going on. And to top if off, they are the nicest people! Oh, and they fooled Penn and Teller!

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  1. Palevsky Avery

    Do you sell that trick?

    Avery Palevsky Office 514 931-5811 Cell: 514 893-8898 Sent from my mobile, sorry for typos.


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