Quentin Reynolds and Magic

It’s not often that I write to promote a particular product or person. Everyone has their own taste, their own likes and dislikes. If I push something I REALLY like it. The first time I watched Quentin Reynolds’ “Five Minutes With a Pocket Handkerchief” 5 minmy first thought was that anyone who does kid shows, even if they don’t do the handkerchief bit should have this.  Just to see how he handles those kids is everything! So when someone would come into the shop and ask what they should get for a kid show, 4, 5, or 6 years old I would recommend that DVD. I sold a lot of them over the years and everyone who bought it thanked me profusely after for telling them about it and many would say they have now lots of stuff on kid shows but that’s the best ever.

Then he came out with “Bring Back the Schtick” (2 DVD set). Schtick“Schtick” like so many yiddish words has no translation but it sort of means thing.  Quentin describes it as, Tricks, Routines Gags, and Bits of Business for the Children’s Entertainer, so it’s not just the tricks but the schtick that you do with them that makes the trick.

Now he has come out with a book, which I haven’t read yet, but I know I won’t be disappointed. And it’s How oton a topic that is so important and so often neglected by performers. “How To Present Yourself to an Audience”.

Do yourself a favour. Check out these DVDs and the book if you don’t already have them. Guaranteed, you’ll be a better and more confident performer with them in your arsenal.


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2 responses to “Quentin Reynolds and Magic


    Thank you Evelyn for keeping us up to date,Thank you that is help to all of use


  2. Thank you, Bob, for your comment. It gives me encouragement!


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