It’s A Small World After All, Especially in Magic

So yesterday I get a call from someone who is looking for something and  has been calling all the magic shops and he can’t find it. We had two and he took the two and was very happy. I asked where he was calling from and he said California. So we had a little chat. It turns out, he’s an actor, magician and entertainer in general. During the course of our conversation the name Dale Salwak came up. I think they are working on something together. When he said that name it rang a bell in my overcrowded  little brain and I said “That’s a familiar name,” but I had no idea how I would know that name.

Salwak 2After he placed the order and we were through with our chat we said good-bye but that name was on my mind.

“Phil, does the name Dale Salwak mean anything to you.?”

“It sure does. He’s one hell of a nice guy and a terrific magician. He worked for us at Magie Montreal.

That’s the convention we ran with Wim Vermeys (Mephisto) for 19 years. Salwak 1

It happened unfortunately that our closing act for our 1996 show died shortly before the convention. He was a young and talented magician and it was sudden …a real shock. So now we were without a closing act for the big stage show. Hank Moorehouse, who was a friend, and ran all of Abbott’s shows said he would get us someone and that someone was Dale Salwak,  who took a redeye to get to us on time.

Salwak 3We phoned back the man from California and Phil and he had a nice long chat about it and Phil told him how much he appreciated and still appreciates what Dale did for us that time and to tell him that.

It seems we are all connected!


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2 responses to “It’s A Small World After All, Especially in Magic

  1. Michel Asselin

    That story did revive some great memories!


  2. Especially for me looking through the photos, trying to find him. Thanks for the comment.


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