Magic, Free Delivery At Perfect Magic, Sort of!

         In case you didn’t know… sometimes it happens that you want something at the shop, but are worried you won’t find a parking space or maybe for some reason you can’t climb the stairs, or you may not have that much time to come up, and you need it right away or/and you don’t want to pay for shipping, which is understandable. We offer a special service that we have provided for several customers who have asked for it but I feel I should make it known to all our customers.
       If you know what you want, phone and tell us. We tell you exactly how much it will cost and can put it on your credit card or you can pay cash and if you want to pick it up, we will bring it down to you and make the exchange.  Traslocatore02
     We had a dear friend and magician who lived down the street from the shop. He was an elderly man and although I enjoyed seeing him I always felt badly that he climbed  the stairs. We worked it out that when he wanted something he would phone us and we would do the transaction on the street. It worked out well for both of us.
     I have another customer who came up walking with braces and two canes. I nearly died when I thought of him walking up and down the stairs. He called the other day for supplies and he drove up and called to tell me he was downstairs in his car. I went down with his order, he opened his car window and we made the exchange. He always has the correct amount so I don’t have to make change.
     So I invite all of you, if you’re in the neighbourhood, although I would much rather you came up and spent some time with us, but it you’re in a rush we are happy to deliver to your car, or in person. We have a Metro close by. Just so you know!

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