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Magicians and Their Tales

We’ve heard many stories from magicians over the years, especially since Phil loves to gab and once he tells a story, it makes them think of a story.

As one of the customers paid his bill, Phil handed me the money and said,

“He gets 90 cents change.”

I said, “You think I couldn’t figure that out by myself?”

Then the customer said, “These days, most people don’t know how to make change. I was in a store and  the cash register was broken and the person at the cash asked me to tell her what she owed me in change as she had no idea how to figure it out.”

Somehow this brought us to the olden days when we were young and had to do a lot more figuring in our head. I told him I remember the ice man bringing us ice on his horse and wagon. He told us that he used to deliver milk with a horse and wagon. He used to work at the  Iconic Elmhurst Dairy in Montrealimages in the stables as a summer job while he was still a student. One day the delivery man didn’t show up and the boss told him that he was going to deliver the milk that day.

He said, “I can’t deliver the milk?”

His boss said, “Why not?”

“I don’t know the route.” he answered.

His boss said, “You don’t have to know the route, the horse knows the route. Just get in the wagon and let him go and whenever he stops, that’s the route. You’ll see empty milk bottles with a note and you take back the bottles and bring them what they want.” Sure enough, the horse took charge of the situation and stopped at each customer’s house.

I thought it was a wonderful and funny story. I thought you might enjoy it, even if it has nothing to do with magic.

On the other hand, it could be a lesson to magicians. If you do something often enough, it becomes automatic, like the horse knowing where to stop.


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