Magic Comes and Goes and Then Comes Back!

90_2_Take the Milk Pitcher. What kid show didn’t have a milk pitcher in it? It’s so old that its new. That was way back then. Now there are so many new wonders on the market that a milk pitcher is boring, but only to the magician. That’s the wonderful thing about children. There are always new ones coming up and to them, especially when used with the Comedy Funnel 822its as hilarious as ever. You know, pumping the kids elbow with the funnel under it and the milk that you poured into him through the cone on his head comes out of his elbow that you are pumping. Hey, what’s funnier than that?  You can even get a kid from the audience to do the pumping.

We used to sell 2 models,  a standard Milk Pitcher and a Deluxe Crystal Pitcher.  Now there’s a third model, The Jumbo Milk Pitcher. I think people are thinking about going back to the basics, the tried and proven effects.

By the way, if you don’t want to spring for a pitcher, we have it in the glass size as well. A pitcher is just more visible. Try it, you’ll like it!

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