Some Magicians Are Getting Smart

We had many kids in the shop last week, mostly boys with their dads, and mostly around 12 years old. They were all serious about magic. There was one, a few years younger, but by far the most intense, who really knew his stuff. We also had a 12 year old from France. I think they have spring break there as well at this time. This kid was with an entourage. Anyone who has been in the shop knows that we have a lot of stock, but it is not a big place. His mother asked to take a photo of me with her son as I was doing the demonstrating and they had never seen a woman doing magic.

One kid who was in with his dad said it was the first time in a magic shop, but he had been doing magic for a while. Where did he get his stuff? Where did he learn? China and Youtube.

“Youtube?” piped up the younger kid. “That’s terrible. Most of them don’t know what they’re talking about.”

Phil looked at him in disbelief. It happens to be Phil’s opinion as well, but to hear such a little guy come out with that was a surprise, to say the least.

The father of the older kid said, after buying and being in the shop for almost an hour, ” It’s so much better to buy from a shop. We’ve been buying from China. It’s cheap, but then again, so was a lot of the stuff we got. Sometimes we were surprised because the items didn’t do what we thought they would, and other times they were poorly made. I don’t think we’ll be doing that any more.” He thanked us for the advice on choosing the appropriate effects for his son, for the demos, and he appreciated the quality of the merchandise.

I guess it’s hit and miss. I’m sure some of the items are good, but you never know until you see them. So if you haven’t been to a magic shop, go to one if you have one in your area. If you’re in Montreal, come and visit us. We’ll look after you properly.


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  1. jpoulter

    So true, Evy (and Phil). Over the years and when I helped at Tony Eng’s shop the value of honesty and quality were paramount IMO.
    Occasionally we had a group of US Scouts visit fromWashington state. One time a “know it all” would explain to his buddies how things like a Svengali deck worked. After a couple of his explanations I announced to the group that the demonstarion was over thanks to him. He was not popular with his buddies!


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