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Does Everybody Love Magic?

A lot of people have walked through our doors in the last 40 years. Most of them, of course, love magic. Otherwise why would they come here. In all these years only one was really nasty and grabbed the cards out of my hands. An adult woman. Not a nice one. I can always tell the character of a person on how they react to magic. Those who think they are smarter than anyone else cannot stand to be fooled. Those who laugh and enjoy it are generally well adjusted people who know its a trick but are not hounded by the fact that they can’t figure it out.

Last week, an older couple came in. They never did magic but now that the grandchildren are around 4 years old, the grandfather wanted to learn some tricks for them. The grandmother said, ” This is all him. I want nothing to do with it.”  When I showed him a trick she wouldn’t even watch. “I’m not interested,” was her reply when I asked her to watch.

She wasn’t nasty or negative. She just wasn’t interested. But I couldn’t take it. How could she not be amazed at the miracles I was performing? I called her over and said, “You don’t have to watch, but I need your help for this one.” I did the Magical Block, placing a penny on the back of her hand and without touching her it changed into a dime. I got her. Suddenly she turned from an uninterested party to an interested party. They were both excited to get home and practice.download

It’s not that she was a woman. It surprises us how many women are now into magic. I had a grandmother come in a few days prior to this grandmother. She was alone and as enthusiastic as could be. She never did magic before. At one time when a woman came in it was for a gift for a boyfriend. Not so much any more. Now its for them. Last week there was one day that only women came in to buy magic for themselves. So guys, watch out! You have some competition out there.

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