Put A Little Magic in Christmas

If you want to add anything to your Christmas show, here’s what we have to offer. Since we won’t be here for BOXING DAY we’re giving a 25% special now until we leave on vacation on December 22 on the items listed below.

Even if you have this year’s show planned, think about next year. We only have 1 of most Christmas items left. I put the quantity in Brackets after the item. When it’s gone it’s gone and we will tell you.

You can still get it at the discount price if our supplier has any left, but we can’t garantee you’ll get it before Christmas.   If you want something on the list, order now.

We wish you and your loved ones a happy,  healthy and merry Christmas!

Evy & Phil

A Tony Christmas Show DVD (1)

Christmas Silk 36″Christmas Silk 36″,no writing (1)
Deluxe Santa Stuck in Chimney (1)
Fantasy Green Change Bag (no zipper) (1)

Forgetful Rudolph (1)
Happy Santa Blendo (1)
Lit Candle to Twinkling Christmas Tree (1)
Paper Hat Tears, Santa package of 12(10)
Rudy Reindeer (1)
Santa’s Hat (1)


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